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Funny (?) glitch in ABAP development {riddle}

Today I ran through a problem with macros.

I wanted to use 2 parameters in a macro but the second parameter should also be initial.

DEFINE _where_cond.
  APPEND |&2 field&1 = var&1| TO dynamic_where.

  _where_cond 1.
  _where_cond 2 AND.

The editor shows up the following error:

Call macro _WHERE_COND without 2. Actual parameters.


First I wanted to add an IF statement to add the AND command but I found it not “nice”.

The next idea was to define 2 macros what I also discarded as the macro was some more lines longer and I wanted to have the macro as short as possible,

The third – and final – solution was:

IF dynamic_where IS NOT INITIAL.
  APPEND 'AND' TO dynamic_where.


In the meantime I encountered another solution, which was very, very bad.

Can you guess which?


Please no discussion about not using macros anyway. thanks.

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