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Release of SAP Activate Roadmap for SAP S/4HANA for Central Finance

February 1st, 2023 Release Notes

I’m pleased to announce that the third update to the SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA for central finance roadmap is now available. This focused update includes a new accelerator for the Oil & Gas industry, step by step instructions on how to access a Central Finance learning system, an introduction to the use SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to create a dashboard for AIF errors, and the integration of the 103 KBA’s for error resolution.

In the Discover phase, the first industry specific asset was added that highlights specific use cases for the Oil and Gas industry. This asset details potential source system scenarios and how joint venture accounting (JVA) is set up in Central Finance.

The Prepare phase brings two new assets for Project Team Enablement and Use case Definition and Prioritization. In Project Team Enablement, instructions for accessing a Central Finance Learning System is included and should be part of any implementation project. Customers, Prospects and Partners can take advantage of this shared system, which is created as a copy of training system. Detailed exercises with instructions guide participants to learn new functionality and check configuration settings. Learning Hub subscription required for access.

The SAC Central Finance Dashboard is a highlighted accelerator for the Use Case Definition and Prioritization. Customers can take advantage of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution and connect real-time to the AIF Error handling tool with the SAC CFIN Dashboard. This accelerator is delivered as a service with pre-configured content that includes up to 900+ predefined errors and categorization. Benefits of the SAC Dashboard include the ability to analyze trends and time travel and can ensure faster time to value with implementation in less time. Additionally, it is a great option to enhance user experience, keep the core clean, and avoid expensive custom solutions and avoids future technical debt.

Finally, the Error Resolution Guides as KBA’s are introduced for the Realize phase. One hundred three Error Resolution Guides as KBA’s were curated and released as part of SAP’s 50th birthday celebration. These error guides help reduce complexity and drive a faster time to value in the Realization phase (critical phase).

An example of an Error Resolution Guide as a KBA 

This roadmap will be updated with each release of SAP S/4HANA for central finance along with the continual creation of accelerators. I invite you to post any feedback, ideas, or tell us how this content was helpful for your project.


February 2nd Release Notes

Today marks the second update to the SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA for central finance roadmap. This update focused on planning and strategic topics especially in the Prepare and Explore phases. Furthermore, an additional task was added for Central Finance Reporting and Analytics strategy. Finally, I’m pleased to announce that we have incorporated a majority of the Adoption Content assets into the roadmap to be used in context with the tasks and deliverables.

In the Explore phase, a new task for Central Finance Reporting and Analytics Strategy was added along with an accelerator that discusses incorporation of BW/4HANA and SAC.

New accelerators were added in the Discover, Explore, and Run phases. In Discover, the Consolidation and Planning with CFIN document was added to the task Discover the Value of Central Finance.

The Explore phase saw seven additional accelerators added as follows:

In the Run phase, Post Go-Live Operational Maintenance was added to the task Continuously Optimize IT Operations.

Finally, assets from the Adoption Content were added directly to the roadmap. This creates a one stop shop for all the Central Finance assets in context of both deliverables and tasks. These can be accessed via the associated tasks or can be accessed in Accelerators > More > Adoption Content.


Adoption Content assets in the Activate Roadmap

This roadmap will be updated with each release of SAP S/4HANA for central finance along with the continual creation of accelerators. I invite you to post any feedback, ideas, or tell us how this content was helpful for your project.


May 6th Release Notes

I am happy to announce the first update to the SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA for central finance roadmap. This update contains the addition of new deliverables, tasks, and accelerators across the various phases.

In the Discover phase, a new accelerator discusses the value that Group Reporting in Central Finance brings and the integration between them.

A new deliverable is added to the Prepare phase that provides guidance on how different Central Finance roll out options can follow various strategies such as an iterative versus big bang approach.  The accelerator also provides information on a milestone-based approach and the typical waves that are employed.

Multiple additions are included in the Explore phase such as a new accelerators for intercompany scenarios in Central Finance, sizing guidelines, and document split. Furthermore, a new task for conducting a Joint Venture Accounting with Central Finance workshop has been added.

Finally, new accelerators are available for the Realize phase that focus on the Drop & Reload procedure and considerations for performing financial validation after initial load.


September 3, 2020 Release Notes

I am pleased to announce the release of the initial version of SAP Activate for SAP S/4HANA for central finance (Central Finance).  Over 100+ SAP colleagues contributed to this roadmap with expertise in Finance, SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT), SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF), User Experience, and Development. As part of the Roadmap, 35 unique and new accelerators were created and lessons were gathered from 25+ projects and embedded into the Roadmap. The output is a prescriptive methodology to help you with your Central Finance implementation projects.

The Roadmap is a one stop shop that provides end to end visibility of the information needed prior to starting your Central Finance Project Implementation. The Roadmap is divided into Phases and the Deliverables or Activities can be viewed per phase.


S/4HANA for central finance – Version 20Q3

1. Discover 

The Discover phase focuses on understanding the value of both SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA for central finance. The output from the suggested validation and scoping workshop serves as an input into the subsequent phase for determining the Central Finance strategy, vision, business and IT objectives, and use cases for Central Finance.

2. Prepare 

During the Prepare phase, the overall strategy and vision for Central Finance is established along with defining use cases and prioritizing them. Additionally, this is an ideal time to begin enabling the project team to ensure workshops in the Explore phase are as productive as possible.

3. Explore 

The Explore phase is divided into three distinct parts: scope definition, workshops, and strategy. In scope definition, data profiling for both SAP and non-SAP systems is required to identify the master data objects in scope. The workshops cover a wide range of topics from Enterprise Structure to master data to SLT setup and user experience. Finally, the strategy from the Prepare phase is refined and developed into specific topics such as Master Data and Test strategy.

4. Realize 

In the Realize phase, the configuration is executed along with the various test cycles (unit, integration, and user acceptance). Troubleshooting guides should be started in this phase and carried forward to the Deploy and Run phases.

5. Deploy & Run 

Finally, production cutover occurs in the Deploy phase followed by steady state operations in the Run phase.

This roadmap will be updated with each release of SAP S/4HANA for central finance along with the continual creation of accelerators. I invite you to post any feedback, ideas, or tell us how this content was helpful for your project.

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      Thank you Kyle Lawrence for sharing this information. It is very helpful.

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      You're very welcome! Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions.

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      Thank you, it really helps in Central Finance implementation projects.

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      Thanks, Kyle. Quality gates information really helps in Central Finance projects


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      Great blog!

      Appropriate training system/course to practice hands-on is:

      S4F61: Implementing Central Finance in SAP S/4HANA

      available on (many SAP Learning Hub subscribers have a valid subscription already).

      Training system/course related questions can be raised in appropriate SAP Finance Learning Room or to me, or Mallikarjun Akumalla Venkata 

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      Thank you for sharing. Very helpful information

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