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My Home SAP Development Setup | 2020

I received a lot of feedback from one of my previous blog posts where I ran through the setup of ABAP in VS Code – Quite a few people asked me about my SAP setup on my local machine at home and so I made this video where I take you through my own setup including the various tooling I use on a daily basis.


These days developers and functionals have so many useful tools at their disposal that development and solutioning in SAP is easier than ever. That being said, the wide variety of tooling available can also be a bit daunting and if that’s the case for you then perhaps this video could help simplify things a bit.


For me personally many of the full stack SAP development projects I’ve worked on have had more or less shared the same basic architecture which I’ve tried to replicate at home:


Here’s a list of the setup and tooling resources I use at the moment:

SAP ABAP Dev Trial 7.52 SP04 –

SAP Cloud Connector –

SAP Cloud Platform –

Eclipse ABAP Developer Tools –

VS Cod Extensions
Name: Advanced ABAP snippet generator
VS Marketplace Link:

Name: ABAP
VS Marketplace Link:

Name: ABAP CDS Language Support
VS Marketplace Link:

Name: ABAP remote filesystem
VS Marketplace Link:

Name: ABAP Snippets
VS Marketplace Link:


I’ve had to deal with many issues along the way so if you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll help where I can 🙂


Thanks for reading!

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