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DDIC-objects that miss an enhancement-category – part 2.1 – CDS view more Info (dd02l-sqltab)

You know what: I have to push in an intermediate chapter (2.1), as I did enhance my CDS view.

So the series as of now is:
[this – part 2.1]

I started setting the missing enhancement categories for APPENDS, and it – deciding what to set it to – was not as easy as it might seem.

As you know, I gave myself the this general rule:
1. By default, set it to “Can be enhanced (character-like or numeric)”
2. If this is not possible or doesn’t make sense, choose what makes sense.

This turned out to be cumbersome. Lot’s of guessing and manual work (if I guessed wrong).

This is un-necessary, at least for the APPEND-Category:
Every append has a table or structure it appends – and this table has (well, should have! 😉 ) an enhancement category. That is the sensibel default to set it to.
That table is easily found, it’s right there in dd02l-sqltab, so I added that filed to my CDS view.

To get the enhancement category of the parent table, I joined in DD02L.

left outer join dd02l as appendedTable
                on d.sqltab = appendedTable.tabname

So this is how my view looks now:

define view zz_i_tablesDevclas as select from dd02l as d
left outer join tadir
on tadir.pgmid = 'R3TR'
and tadir.object = 'TABL'
and d.tabname = tadir.obj_name
left outer join tdevc on
tadir.devclass = tdevc.devclass
left outer join dd02l as appendedTable
on d.sqltab = appendedTable.tabname
d.tabname as tableName,
d.tabclass as tableClass,
d.exclass ,
appendedTable.exclass as parentEnhCat,
appendedTable.wrongcl as parentHasWrongCat,
d.as4user as lastChagedBy,
d.as4date as lastChangedAtDate,
d.as4time as lastChangedAtTime,

tadir.devclass as devPackage,



And this is how the ALV in my report looks now (showing a part with SAP tables):


ALV, German caption; the newly added coloums are marked red

Please note:

I didn’t touch a single line of code on my report, and neither in zz_i_tablesNoEnhCat.
All I changed was zz_i_tablesDevclas, shown above!

-> I think this is another benefit of using CDS-Views.

By the way, as always, comments are welcome.

Also ideas hot to improve the view! It works for me like it is, but I was thinking about some questions like:

  • is join the right thing, or should I use assiciations? (Why, how?)
  • Maybe I should add the description for the tables (how do text-tables work in CDS?)


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