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Handling Baidu Paid Search Campaigns using External Campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud

Important Note: Effective 2102 CE.

This blog will introduce business and technical details on how to create Baidu Paid Search campaigns using external campaign. Hope it could help customers who have similar requirements to implement the integration by own.

This blog will explain:

1: What is Baidu Paid Search?

2: Use case and architecture

3: What SAP Marketing Cloud provides


1: What is Baidu Paid Search?

  • In China Digital Marketing, search is one of the major channels owning approximately 1/3 of Marketing budget.
  • In China SEM, Baidu holds over 82% market share.
  • Baidu Paid Search is an online advertising platform developed by Baidu. It allows to display advertising with search results (paid search).
  • Baidu Paid Search is similar as Google Paid Search, just more specific to China Market.
  • Baidu Paid Search home site

2: Use Case and Architecture

2.1: Prerequisites

  • Customer needs to have an account in Baidu Paid Search platform
  • Customer needs to have or license an own SAP CPI tenant to build connection iFlows

2.2: Use case of Baidu Paid Search Campaign

Many customers have marketing agencies that manage digital campaigns. To tie back the campaign success data along with platform costs, SAP Marketing just links to the external campaign(here is Baidu Paid Search campaign). With this, success data can be compared cross campaigns and cross campaign types as well as actual cost data can be run against spend budget. This feature allows to continue the working model between the marketing department and the marketing agency yet giving the marketing department more transparency.

Use cases:

  • Create and execute a campaign on Baidu Paid Search platform.
  • Replicate the campaign to SAP Marketing Cloud, fetches the success data and makes it available for success reporting.
  • Reflect summarized KPIs to Analytics Story dashboard.

2.3: Architecture of integration


  • As per the deprecation, the Baidu Integration Delivery parts in yellow should also be customer implementation.
  • The Custom Development parts in blue should consume Baidu Paid Search APIs.
  • Use getCampaign API for campaign replication
  • Use getSuccessData APIs for campaign success replication
  • Refer to Baidu Guideline for authentication part

3: What SAP Marketing Cloud provides

SAP provides the following that might be used for the integration of Baidu paid search campaigns:

OData Services

Your implementation should get Baidu paid search campaigns and their success data via Baidu APIs and push the replicated data to SAP Marketing Cloud via these OData services.

Campaign Category

Campaign category of Baidu Paid Search (BDA) will be deprecated, you may use External Campaign instead.

Communication Scenario

SAP_COM_0270 will be deprecated, you may use the one of external campaign(SAP_COM_0037) instead.

Use /API_MKT_CAMPAIGN_SRV/Campaigns to replicate a BDA campaign in MKT.

Use /API_MKT_CMPGN_SUCCESS_IMPORT_SRV to replicate success data of BDA campaign.

Analytics Story

Story of “Campaign Success for Baidu Paid Search” will be deprecated, but there’re still lots of story in relation to campaign analytics existing in the system, you may pick one per your usage.

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