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Boost user productivity and simplify access to business apps with SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad


It’s my great pleasure to introduce the new SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service on SAP Cloud Platform (Cloud Foundry environment) and share first insights about this new exciting service. In the previous months, I’ve talked to many customers and partners who have been eagerly waiting for these capabilities. If you’re familiar with the SAP Fiori Deployment Options and Recommendations this is now the time where your journey to the cloud gets ready for take-off.

Let me start by depicting the current situation at most of our customers. To get their job done successfully business users are typically required to access and work with applications from various business areas such as finance, HR, procurement, customer experience and even employee or manager self-services. To become intelligent enterprises and perform well in today’s challenging and volatile economy, organizations are streamlining their end-to-end business processes and driving towards an engaging experience for their employees, business partners and customers.

…yet the reality looks somehow different: business users face a fragmented, heterogenous landscape of solutions with inconsistent user experience and many local entry points. As a consequence, they need to remember numerous URL links and logon credentials. They spend hours with searching for information and navigating around in different systems and repositories. Sometimes you unnecessarily drilled down into a transaction just to look up some (unchanged) status of an order, request or approval step – how cumbersome is this?

Imagine how frustrating this can be for the users and how time-consuming this can get every single day. Wouldn’t it be great to provide business users a central point of access via a unified, proactive and personalized environment?

Empower users to get the job done more easily
With the new generation of digital experience solutions we want to empower business users to work smarter, become more productive and get the job done more efficiently.

Our customers – especially large corporations – are looking for a clever way to simplify and unify access to all these applications, reports, workflows & tasks, bots and notifications – either running on premise or in the cloud. Now imagine what could be if your users can launch all their apps and services from ONE central place.


What are the benefits?
With the new SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service on SAP Cloud Platform we increase user’s productivity and efficiency by enabling organizations to establish a central point of access to SAP, custom-build and third party applications and extensions.

Increase user engagement

  • Intuitive user experience based on SAP Fiori design
  • Simplified access to apps and services (desktop and mobile)
  • Personalized home page with relevant, role-based content

Boost user productivity

  • Fast access to information and efficient navigation via central, unified experience
  • Proactive notifications
  • Focus on important KPIs and live business data

Improve operations efficiency

  • Streamline UX integration for common SAP solutions
  • Out of the box integration with central services
  • Seamless app integration for common UI technologies

Sounds promising, right?

Use Cases
With the new SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad and related UX services we want to help organizations like yours to address the following scenarios:

  • UX integration: build a central point of access to SAP and third-party solutions (both cloud and on-premise), in particular accessing multiple SAP S/4HANA systems from one common launchpad
  • Extensions: easily access all your custom applications and extensions build on SAP Cloud Platform
  • External-facing scenarios granting your employees or business partners secure access to selected applications and services over the internet on desktop and mobile devices (outside the corporate network)
  • Cloud transition: Elevate your SAP Fiori (launchpad) experience to the cloud, especially for customers running an application-centric SAP Enterprise Portal


Key capabilities
Let’s have a closer look how this can be achieved. The Launchpad service provides enhanced administration capabilities for integrating business applications and managing the related content such as roles and tiles. Using the out of the box templates you can easily integrate single applications based on SAPUI5/Fiori, Web Dynpro ABAP or SAP GUI for HTML. Furthermore, SAP is planning to enable solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite, SAP Enterprise Portal (and more) to serve as content providers by exposing their business content and role structures to the central Launchpad, which will make the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the content administrator much more efficient.

The general direction for the setup is depicted in the following picture, illustrating how the launchpad integrates with central services and the content providers in the cloud and on-premise.


For details about the and configuration check the Planning and Lifecycle Management guide for SAP Cloud Platform. Please consult our road map for details on planned integrations with specific services and SAP solutions.

Further information
With this I hope you got an initial overview about the new service. Stay tuned for further information in the coming weeks. In particular we are working on tools and guidelines for customers who want to adopt the service and plan a transition from related services such as SAP Enterprise Portal or SAP Cloud Platform Portal.

You can learn more in the overview presentation and documentation. To get hands-on experience check out the discovery center and get started using the trial environment.

I am looking forward to your feedback and comments.

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    • Hi Serdar,

      with SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad we offer customers a dedicated “Fiori Launchpad as a Service” focusing on SAP Fiori user experience (no custom, freestyle site layout).

      Customers who are interested in implementing portal-like scenarios (incl. collaboration and web content) should have a closer look at the broader SAP Work Zone solution for building engaging, next-generation digital workplaces.

      Hope this helps and clarifies the options going forward.

      Best regards


      PS: Existing customers of SAP Cloud Platform Portal (Cloud Foundry) can continue using the service for now, as the enhancements for application integration are also delivered through portal service (see roadmap). Going forward we recommend new customers adopting either Launchpad or SAP Work Zone depending on the scenario scope.

  • Hi Thomas Hensel,

    Thank you for letting us know about the new service, it is realy nice to see that Cloud Foundry Enviroment is expanding very quickly.

    My comment is similar to Serdar Simsekler ‘s question; as a capability and interface, Launchpad (Cloud Foundry) service is seems like same (almost identically) with Portal (Cloud Foundry) service and Portal service is already new (2019) and replacement/successor for the SAP Cloud Platform – Portal (Neo) service. I didn’t dive deep but it will be nice to see some side to side comparison between SCP CF – Portal vs SCP CF – Launchpad services.


    Kind regards,


    • Hello Kivanc,

      indeed the new Launchpad service can be seen as a kind of lean portal service as we focus on Fiori Launchpad experience only (without the capabilities for building freestyle sites).

      The SAP Fiori launchpad design is evolving with new concepts for spaces, pages, UI integration cards and more. If customers need more, SAP Work Zone is going to address the modern portal use cases going forward.

      Best regards

      • Hi Thomas,

        any suggestions on things that the new launchpad service will be able to do that the existing Portal service does not already do? Is it the content provider overview/selection part?

        The details above seem to match what the Cloud Portal already provides. I’d echo the call for a side by side comparison to what this new service offers that the existing one doesn’t.




        • Hello Chris,

          existing SAP Cloud Platform Portal customers can continue using the service according to their contract. While we do not plan to enhance the freestyle capabilities, the portal still benefits (for now) from our improvements in UX integration and content federation (see portal road map).

          The dedicated Launchpad service is our go-to solution for implementing SAP Fiori launchpad in the cloud. The service comes without the freestyle sites experience and offers a simplified, more attractive pricing (see discovery center:

          Going forward new customers should either adopt the SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service or SAP Work Zone depending on their use cases.

          Hope this helps.