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SAP SuccessFactors Payment Method – How to Configure UI Rule and Payment Information Details object related rules for Custom Bank Transfer to display same data as Bank Transfer (5)

You might be facing an issue with the Payment Method for Payment Information portlet. For example, you need a new Payment Method with the same characteristics of the Bank Transfer (5). But when you create a rule to include both Bank Transfer (5) and other custom Bank Transfer, the output is not as expected.

Lets now consider as additional custom Payment Method is needed for Italy and start on the configuration.


Step 1: Create new payment method in Manage Data – external code = 04

  • Assign to Italy only



Step 2: Go to Manage UI config and select Payment Information:

  • Edit the UI rule called BankTransfer.
  • Here you just add the OR condition and add with new Payment Method ie., Bank Transfer ITA (04).


But this rule does not work. Why?


The expected fields that needs to display are as below


But the output is not as expected


Step 3: Change the UI rule as below


Step 4: Go to Configure object definition:

  • Payment Information details
      • At field level – Payment Method – check rule and update if condition as below

Step 5: Review ALL rules on this object Payment Information Detail and ensure to update. Few of them as below:






Finally, we are done with the configuration.


Output is as expected:


Hope, this is helpful.


Thanks a lot.


Venkata Subbarao Pathangi

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