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SAP CRM Product Catalog Main Tables

While working on enhancements in SAP CRM B2B Online store, there were complex requirements of sending product catalog data from SAP CRM to a third party interactive on-demo & on-device content app through flat file interfaces. The complexity arose from sending the delta changes in the product catalog header, items, characteristics, variants and texts. For any change made in the staging catalog, the catalog had to be replicated via TREX to the online store and the change captured and sent to the app. At this time, I investigated the various catalog tables where the new values are stored, the index IDs and the timestamps of replication and activation. In the below post, I summarized the tables I found useful in the development of the enhancement.

SAP CRM Product Catalog main tables are listed in this post.


SAP CRM Product Catalog Tables Lists

SAP CRM Catalog Header Tables

Important SAP CRM Catalog Header Tables

Table                                    Description

COMM_PCAT_HDR             Product Catalog

COMM_PCAT_HDR_T        Product Catalog Description


SAP Product Catalog Variant’s Tables

Table                                   Description

COMM_PCAT_VRT            Product Catalog Variant

COMM_PCAT_VRT_IP      Price Determination of Product Catalog Variants

COMM_PCAT_VRT_PU    Product Catalog Variant-Publication Status

COMM_PCAT_VRT_T       Description of Product Catalog Variant


SAP CRM Set Type for Catalog

Table                                    Description

COMM_PCATFRGTP          Set Type (Fragment Type)

COMM_PCATFRGTP_T      Set Type Text


SAP CRM Product Catalog Characteristic

The relation between SAP CRM Catalog and its characteristic can be found in the following SAP tables.


Table                                    Description

COMM_PCAT_CIC              Product Catalog Characteristic

COMM_PCAT_CIC_T          Product Catalog Item Characteristic Text


SAP CRM Product Catalog Area Tables

Table                                    Description

COMM_PCAT_CTV             Product Catalog Area –Version

COMM_PCAT_CTY              Product Catalog Area

COMM_PCAT_CTY_T          Product Catalog Area Description



SAP CRM Catalog for XML Export and Message

Table                                    Description

COMM_PCAT_EXP_CP      Catalog export: Change pointers: XML Export

COMM_PCAT_EXP_PR      Product Catalog Profile: XML Export

COMM_PCAT_EXP_RE      Catalog Export: Recipient of an XML Message



Other SAP CRM Product Catalog Tables


Table                                    Description

COMM_PCATREPLIDX       Database For Index IDs

COMM_PCATREPLST         Catalogue Variant Staging Version Dat

COMM_PCAT_IMS_CP        Adjusting Product Catalog Log-IMS replication

COMM_PCAT_IMS_MP        Product Catalog Variant –Publication Aim

COMM_PCAT_IMS_MR        Current Product Catalog Objects in Index Management System

COMM_PCAT_ITM                Product Catalog Item

COMM_PCAT_ITM_T           Product Catalog Item Description

COMM_PCAT_ITV                Product Catalog Item-Version

COMM_PCAT_LOC              List of Product Catalog Characteristics

COMM_PCAT_LOC_T         Product Catalog Characteristics List Description

COMM_PCAT_REL             Product Catalog Item Set Type -Set-Assignment

COMM_PCAT_RELH           Product Catalog Item Set Type -Set-Assignment-History

COMM_PCAT_VIEW           Product Catalog View

COMM_PCAT_VIEW_T       Description of Product Catalog View

COMM_PCAT_VITM            Product Catalog View-Item

COMM_PCAT_VPRP           Product Catalog View-Partner Product Selection

The tables can be used when looking for SAP CRM tables when dealing with SAP CRM Product Catalog data model. These tables can be found useful in the developments of product catalogs.

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