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Author's profile photo Joerg Michaelis

PM(EAM)-EWM Integration


Today I would like to highlight another solution coming from our SAP Consulting Digital Supply Chain, the PM(EAM)- EWM Integration.

SAP EWM warehouse offers benefits to streamline warehouse operation, Increase productivity and accuracy. SAP PM(EAM) automates the process of performing facility repair and maintenance requests of assets. The maintenance PM order-driven warehouse operation is critical for timely availability of spare parts and shortening repair time. The SAP EWM integration with SAP PM(EAM) allows easy adaptation and usage with fast time to value and a low TCO for customers.

Motivation and Scope

  • No standard integration available to process the PM order and reservation in EWM system
  • Lack of experience in custom EWM-PM integration, and warehouse process design based on PM order management
  • Complex PM order management for maintenance for massive assets maintenance (Mining, Oil & Gas, etc.)

Customer Requirements

  • Manage MRO items in EWM managed warehouse
  • Pick based on PM Order / Reservation
  • Pack/kit the component based for PM order /operation
  • Ability to handle the returns from maintenance workshop
  • Ability to change, reschedule the PM order
  • Ability to leverage handheld RF device/Fiori apps

Key Benefits

The main objective of the PM(EAM) – EWM integration is to increase the efficiency, integration and visibility across warehouse execution. This is achieved through the following benefits:

  • Improved Integration packaged deployed successfully at multiple customer place
  • Flexibility to incorporate the customer specific requirements from PM order for Integration and warehouse operations
  • Different options to choose for integration approach (delivery or PMR) based on the type of the customer’s industry (Mining / Oil & Gas /Manufacturing) and process complexity
  • Leverage EWM standard warehouse process capability and functionalities for all core process including handheld RF device.
  • Optimize the warehouse operation by leveraging the consolidation, cross dock based on PM order
  • Process and Industry expertise on PM order and warehouse management

Supported Scenario

  • Integrate PM WO and Reservation with EWM
  • Integrate PM WO via EWM Delivery or EWM PMR approach
  • WO based outbound process (pick, pack/Kit, stage) and returns process
  • Warehouse Reporting based on WO/reservation like recipient, Base start date, unloading point

Technical Architecture

  • EWM in S/4HANA Decentralized or Embedded or EWM 9.x as addon to SAP ERP 6.0 EhP8 or higher
  • Standard ERP-EWM connectivity and Outbound process integrated with EWM


Delivery based integration

Generate deliveries report and logs

Delivery creation report

  • All previously created deliveries are taken into account and open quantity is calculated
  • Option to change quantity and remove selected items
  • Monitor report fields
  • Quantity: Open (editable), Delivery Created, Requested, Withdrawn
  • PM order\Reservation fields

EWM Monitor with PM relevant documents selection fields

EWM Monitor report output with PM relevant documents and fields

PMR based integration

Service Outlook

This service has been live since 02/21/2020. However, the Consulting Service will not stop there. New functionalities like free text in inbound and other related Fiori improvement will come in next release. Whereby new customer requirements will be used to build in some further functionality.

When we look into future functionality of EWM we have to mention that PM integration is part of the actual roadmap and it is planned to be release in Q4 2021. For a more detailed look on our next releases please check out the roadmap explorer:;INNO=089E017A62AB1EDA8EF0F1AED61B60E0

If you have more questions regarding this integration topic, please contact:

Pavel Rovenskiy ( , Yogesh Patankar (
Suraj Tatpalliwar (, John Payne (


This service is offered as an Add-on to enhance the SAP EWM solution. You can find this Add-on as part of the Consulting Solution “Enhancement service for SAP EWM”, which you can find in our Services and Support catalogue by accessing the following link:

For more information about SAP Extended Warehouse Management, please follow us on social media, our YouTube channel or our community pages:

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      Author's profile photo Simon Thomson
      Simon Thomson

      Well done guys! and especially the Australian SCM Consulting Team in turning this into a reality.  Its going to be very useful for Asset Intensive Customers.




      Author's profile photo David Webb
      David Webb

      This is a good one to cover off!

      Author's profile photo Martin Prokop
      Martin Prokop

      Hello Jörg,

      thank you for this post!

      What I personally miss in S/4HANA is any integration between PM Equipment and EWM Resources. Mostly are Resources understood as warehouse equipment, with specific speed, reach etc. What I would expect is:

      • link between a PM Equipmet master and EWM Resource
      • possibility to enter/record counters for Equipment's maintenance planning (e.g. after specified number of running hours)
      • planning of Equipment's dismantling/maintenance
      • possibility to report status / damage / exception on an Equipment

      Is this likely to be planned in near future?

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Soumik Mitra
      Soumik Mitra

      Hi Joerg,

      Thanks for the blog. But is this integration is not working for our client in 1909 embedded EWM.

      We have a scenario related to internal repair of parts. In this scenario, customer returns product to our client against return order for repair. Now to repair the product we have to issue some component from stock room (Warehouse).

      We want to know how the EWM PM integration for staging of the component works. in /SCWM/PMR we can only enter manufacturing order, no option of Repair order or service order.
      Also the reports you have shown in Monitor for PM related documents is not available in Standard.
      So do we need to activate any BC set to trigger this EWM integration for 1909.
      Steps are :-
      1>  Internal repair against return order created (IW31)
      2> Required component with stock type added in the repair order.
      3> Internal repair order released.
      4> Now how we will stage the component to the PSA. No PMR gets generated, also if we try to create delivery that becomes consumption delivery, no staging delivery gets created while releasing the Repair Order.
      We have created PSA and added to work center for repair order. Also made the settings related to PMR. PMR setup working for manufacturing order but not working for repair order.
      Author's profile photo Yogesh Patankar
      Yogesh Patankar

      Hi Soumik

      This Integration (PRM based) is not available as out-of-box standard functionality in EWM. It is offered as an add-on SAP EWM consulting solution. You can refer to the link  Services & Support Catalog – Enhancement Services for SAP EWM provided on this blog for more information on the EWM enhancement service. 

      You may also like to refer to the link on the EWM Road map provided on this blog regarding the Plant Maintenance Integration with EWM;INNO=089E017A62AB1EDA8EF0F1AED61B60E0




      Author's profile photo BRUCE PARISOT


      Do you plan to integrate PS-EWM like PM-EWM in the future. In our case we use PM, CS order and PS network from which reservation are created.

      Thanks for your feedback



      Author's profile photo Suraj Tatpalliwar
      Suraj Tatpalliwar

      Please send email to we can discuss further.