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How to create an Agent Group from a CSV file in SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation?

Often customers want to create an agent group in a much simpler way especially in a scenario where there are more than 100 systems without too many clicks. Fortunately, SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation provides a way to create an agent group of a specific type i.e. machine or login (but not combined) using a CSV file.

Step 1: Open an excel file and save it as a .csv file.


Step 2: Now edit the file as required as shown below.

The column contains multiple fields as shown in line A1 namely:

ID, ID_PARENT (Parent ID), NAME (Name of the Machine), LABEL (Label of the Machine), ITEM_TYPE (Machine or Login or Group)

The above example is shown for the Agent Group of type machine.

Observe line A3, A4 & A5. The ID of A3 is provided as the parent (ID_PARENT) for A4 & A5. Thus creating 2 machines under the First group.

Similarly, it is also possible to create subgroups.

Observe line A6 & A7. The ID of A6 is provided as the parent (ID_PARENT) for A7. Thus, creating a group ‘Sub Group’ under ‘Second group’.

Step 3: Go to the dropdown icon next to the Agents tab and select Agent groups.

Step 4: Click New agent group

Step 5: Enter a name for your agent group (max. 256 characters).

Step 6: Browse and upload the CSV file as shown above.

Step 7: Choose the type of agent group. In this case, let us choose Machine.

Step 8: Click Create.

The final output looks as follows.


The same procedure could be followed for Login type as well by replacing the ITEM_TYPE as login.

Note: An agent group CSV can only contain items of type machine or login but not both, in addition to group.


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  • One thing to add as additional feedback, we had an issue after saving the CSV in Excel, as Excel surrounded each line with a double quote.

    After removing the double quotes, we could successfully import the CSV file and create the groups.