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Author's profile photo Aditya Sibal

AUC creation through Investment measure (WBSE).


This blog post is about AUC creation through an Investment measure (WBSE).

Here, will try to explain the process flow of AUC creation through Investment measure WBSE, which is regularly followed in Capex projects.


What is AUC?

AUC is a different form of asset, without depreciation. Requires separate account determination & Asset classes.


Parameters Covered in Blog Post:

  1. Configurational for creation of AUC from WBSE
  2. Process Flow


  1. Configurational Process as below :

Step (A)

Define Asset Class for AUC

Path : SPRO>>Investment Management>>Project as Investment Measures>>Master Data>>Asset Under Construction>>Define Asset Classes

  • Investment Measure –  This indicator specifies AUC can only be created with investment measure relation/ reference.
  • No Direct creation.


Step (B)

Define Investment Profile : 

Path : SPRO>>Investment Management>>Projects as Investment Measures>>Define Investment Profile

  • The investment profile as in the below screenshot plays a very important role in AUC creation.
  • It acts as a bridge between investment measure(WBSE) in our case and Asset class.
  • The area I have hidden is the place where we mention the Asset Class at the time of configuration of the Investment profile.
  • In the below screenshot, the Asset class is assigned, as created in Step (A).
  • Check – Manage AUC, When you set this indicator, the system automatically creates AuC for investment measure(in our case WBSE).
  • When the WBSE system status is Rel, AUC will be created automatically.


Step (C)

Define Investment Profile/Project Profile Assignment

Path : SPRO>>Investment Management>>Projects as Investment Measures>>Master Data>>Define Investment Profile

In the same option you will get :

(Define Investment Profile & Define Investment Profile/Project Profile Assignment)

  • As mentioned in the below screenshot, we will tag the Investment profile & Project profile with each other.
  • This step too has great relevance if you want to call a specific Investment profile for the project profile.
  • If left blank, then the user needs to opt/ choose the investment profile manually in the project.


Step (D)

Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class

Path: SPRO>>Investment Management>>Projects as Investment Measures>>Master Data>>Assets under Construction>>Define Asset Classes

In the same option you will get :

(Determine Depreciation Areas in the Asset Class)

Kindly note for every AUC Asset class, depreciation areas are maintained with the depreciation key ‘0000″, having NO Depreciation calculated.


  1. Process Flow as below : 

  • Choose Investment profile
  • As displayed in the above screenshot, opt appropriate value for investment profile as highlighted below(green box).
  • For the generation of AUC, the linkage of Investment profile and Investment measure(in our case: WBSE) is a Pre-Requisite.


Release WBSE

  • As soon as you change the system status of WBSE from CRTD to REL.

AUC will be generated. 

  • WBSE & Investment profile linked to each other
  • Release WBSE (Investment Measure)
  • Investment Profile tagged to WBSE calls the asset class for AUC, as mentioned in the Investment profile
  • Condition in Asset class for AUC (Investment Measure checked) is called.
  • This indicator specifies AUC can only be created with investment measure relation/ reference. with No Direct creation.
  • Further asset class calls depreciation key with no depreciation.
  • WBSE with system status “REL AUC”
  • Follow the path as described below to view AUC from WBSE.

In the blog post, I have tried giving a brief overview of how AUC can be created through WBSE by using an investment profile, which is a very important integrational point.

In the next proceeding blog post, will demonstrate settlement with respect to AUC.



Aditya Sibal


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      Author's profile photo Nathan Genez
      Nathan Genez

      I just have to ask… why would you use that first screenshot if you’re going to block out the whole thing?  You’re telling the reader that it has no informative value, so why include it at all?

      I don’t understand why so many people are doing this with screenshots. I can understand hiding a customer’s company code description for identification purposes, but there is nothing revealing about company code value 1000, or a GL account number and description, or in this case, a project number. If it doesn't reveal anything, why hide it?

      Author's profile photo Aditya Sibal
      Aditya Sibal
      Blog Post Author

      Agreed, but I felt it will be covered in the information stated through description part, at the same time, I have access to the system where I felt is will be safe to hide parameters mentioned in screen shots 

      although, again I would highlight that most of the areas are mentioned in descriptive content.also, please take this blog as a logical blogpost, do you feel project number, master number will make a difference?

      Why not concentrate on the areas which are logically highlighted!

      thanks for the comments!!



      Author's profile photo Nathan Genez
      Nathan Genez

      Well, it's highly distracting to the reader. It's harder to see what the point of an image is when it's half covered in black boxes.

      Author's profile photo Aditya Sibal
      Aditya Sibal
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nathan

      Have changed the first 2 screenshots.




      Author's profile photo Cyrus Minab
      Cyrus Minab

      Waste of time with the screenshots being redacted, seriously why do even bother

      Author's profile photo Naveen Sharma
      Naveen Sharma

      Hi Aditya


      It is indeed very detail explanation of AUC through WBSE. Is there any document of yours for AUC through Internal Order, because we have not using/activated WBSE in our organisation, so not much knowledge about that and even no Transaction codes mentioned here in the process flow to follow the WBSE blindly.



      Author's profile photo Branislav Haniačik
      Branislav Haniačik

      Please describe on which blog you describe the settlement with respect to AUC.

      I'm interested in settling on several investment measure (several asset subnummbers with different FM items)