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SAP Universal ID – Simplify your logon experience

Dear Community!

Today, we would like to offer you some valuable insights into the new SAP Universal ID and its adoption journey throughout the SAP landscape.


What is SAP Universal ID?

SAP Universal ID is your single SAP identity to log into SAP. It’s similar to the Apple-ID, just in the SAP world, by linking all your existing SAP legacy accounts (S/P-Users) to your SAP Universal ID.

You can find additional information here.


Why should I use SAP Universal ID?

SAP Universal ID is part of our ongoing efforts to simplify your SAP login experience. By converting to your own SAP Universal ID, you can:

  • Take control: manage your own SAP identity.
  • Have one account: seamless login experience across all SAP platforms and application having one account.
  • Take our SAP Universal ID with you: take your SAP Universal ID with you no matter where you work, your SAP Universal ID remains with you throughout your career.


In the future, SAP Universal ID will be the new and only login approach as it will replace your various login credentials.


How can I create my own SAP Universal ID?

You can create your SAP Universal ID within one minute! It’s straightforward and takes only three steps to get started!

Go to SAP Universal ID and follow these three steps:



Now, all is set up and you can use your SAP Universal ID to log in to SAP!

You can also follow the instructions in this video.


Where can I log in with my SAP Universal ID?

We’re proud to announce that we’re onboarding more platforms every month. Check out the following list to view the status of your most used platforms and systems.


Currently, you can use your SAP Universal ID to log in to:


We continue to enhance your seamless login experience by integrating the following platforms and applications in the upcoming months!


What is the planned roadmap of SAP Universal ID?

Soon, the SAP Universal ID Account Manager is available for you to:

  • Manage your personal data
  • See all linked legacy accounts of your SAP Universal ID and related data
  • Add additional e-mail addresses to your SAP Universal ID
  • Switch your primary SAP Universal ID e-mail address
  • Change your SAP Universal ID password for all SAP platforms.

Further functionalities are planned to follow. In the second half of this year, we’ll start to roll out the full integration of SAP Universal ID first with SAP for Me. The full integration will allow you to switch seamlessly between your SAP legacy accounts without logging out and back in again.

As more platforms onboard SAP Universal ID, your experience will expand to allow you to browse on different SAP platforms with your respective SAP users and end your sessions with one logout.

Stay curious! More exciting features and functionalities will follow and detailed in future blog posts!


Your SAP Universal ID Team

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    • Dear Christoph Ostrop,

      we apologize for the inconvenience. SAP Download Manager does not support SAP Universal ID at the moment. To login into SAP Download Manager you have to provide your S-user ID and S-user specific password. We are currently working with SAP Download Manager team to support the browser based authentication on SAP Download Manager with SAP Universal ID. If you no longer remember your S-user password you can reset the password on Please provide the S-user ID to reset the password.

      Kind regards,

      Kerstin Weiher

  • thanks for your reply, (but why does such a change at SAP never take place without great chaos?)

    I find the fact even more confusing that there are apparently 2 different passwords for one S-UserID

    (1x e.g. for software download, 1x universal ID)

    I have now made the download via browser.

    kind regards


    (I had read something about "simplify" somewhere )


    • Dear Christoph Ostrop,

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We take your feedback seriously and understand your situation as part of our transformation journey on building a user management that satisfies today's and future needs. We are working with highest priority to enable the remaining SAP's sites in a partial approach to enhance your seamless login experience. As of today, more than 200 SAP sites already support SAP Universal ID and we target to have most SAP sites enabled to support SAP Universal ID authentication by end of Q2 2021, including the browser based authentication of SAP Download Manager.

      Kind regards,
      Kerstin Weiher

    • Dear Pramod Mansukh,

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are sorry to hear that you had bad experiences. To investigate on the issue could you please let me know the application url you used and more details about the issue you are facing, like steps you considered or error message.

      Kind regards,

  • Since I linked my account with Universal ID, sites that require login, they keep giving me "Sorry, we could not authenticate you. Try again." the credentials are extremely correct, but after several times I receive e-mail from alerting that I reset my password due to incorrect login which is not the case.


    I have monitored this for over three months and this makes me wonder how Universal ID is working.

    • Dear Charles Kaberia,

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Would you be so kind and share with me on which application you are trying to login? Not all applications support SAP Universal ID yet. Please find here a list with all SAP web sites that support SAP Universal ID. If you cannot find the application you want to login, it is very like that the applictaion is not enabled yet. Please use your S/P user ID and specific password to login.

      Kind regards,