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SAP Analytics Cloud – Expert-Guided Implementation


At SAP, one of the ways we empower our customers is via delivery of Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) services. These are multi-hour remote delivered session, powered by SAP Enterprise Support Academy and delivered over 3-5 working days.

The purpose of this blog is to inform you about our recently refreshed and revised EGI sessions for SAP Analytics Cloud.
New content and features come along rapidly in our cloud solutions and so we aim to keep out empowerment materials up to date with the latest advancements.

Check out the agenda for our two SAP Analytics Cloud EGI sessions including the newly updated content. These revised EGIs will be running from September.

Before you can access the registration links, a one-time registration in SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, is required. A detailed step-by step guide to registration can be found here.


SAP Analytics Cloud, Digital Boardroom and Analytics Hub

Day 1 – Introduction + First Story

  • Introduction and Preparation
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Overview
  • Importing Data – Demo & Exercise
  • Model Development – Demo & Exercise
  • Story Development – Demo & Exercise

Day 2 – Stories Continues + Analytic Applications

  • Geo Maps – Demo & Exercise (New)
  • Schedules – Demo & Exercise (New)
  • Content Network (New)
  • Analytics Application – Demo & Exercise (New)

Day 3 – Digital Boardroom + Analytics Hub

  • SAP Digital Boardroom – Demo & Exercise
  • SAP Analytics Hub – Demo & Exercise
  • SAP Analytics CatLog – Demo (New)
  • Data Blending (New)

Day 4 – Administration + Troubleshooting

  • Connectivity Overview
  • Security (New)
  • Administration
  • Authentication (New)
  • Monitoring – Demo
  • Troubleshooting – Demo (New)

Day 5 – Smart Assist + Smart Predict

  • Smart Assist – Demo & Exercise
  • Smart Predict – Demo & Exercise (New)

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SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Day 1 – Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

  • Overview of Features and Capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning
  • Currency Conversion (New)
  • Public and Private Dimensions (New)
  • Planning Model is SAP Analytics Cloud

Day 2 – Story creation

  • Builder Panel, Filters, Drill Down capabilities
  • Version Management
  • Multicurrency Reporting (New)
  • Planning Panel (New)
  • Distributing / Redistributing
  • Allocations
  • Driver based Planning (New)

Day 3 – Formulas, Dimensions and more

  • Formulas and Variables
  • Calculations and Dimensions
  • Predictive Forecast
  • Creating Tasks (General, Data Locking, Data Action) (New)
  • Creating Process (New)
  • Working with Tasks and Processes
  • Working with Stories from Calendar (New)

Day 4 – Calculations and Data Actions

  • Cross Calculations (New)
  • Forecast and Rolling Forecast
  • Data Actions
  • In-Plan Master Data Creation
  • Value Driver Tree
  • Comments and Collaboration

Day 5 – SAP Planning Solutions Integrated

  • Planning Capabilities in Application Designer (New)
  • SAC Hybrid Scenario
  • Integration with BPC Standard / Embedded
  • SAP Business Content for S/4HANA (New)
  • SAP Analytics Cloud – Analysis for Office (AO) Integration (New)
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Product Roadmap

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