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SAP Web IDE Trial Update

On November 13, 2020 the SAP Cloud Platform, Neo trial environment will be discontinued and as a result SAP Web IDE Full-Stack trial will also be discontinued.

If you have an existing Neo trial account, you can continue using it including SAP Web IDE Full-Stack until November 13, 2020. This can be done by opening the SAP Cloud Platform trial home page, scrolling down to the Environments section, and choosing “Access Neo Trial” Link.  Then, under Services choose SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.

Before November 13, you must choose one of the following options:

  1. Start using the SAP Business Application Studio trial as it is the next generation of SAP Web IDE Full-Stack. It offers a modern desktop-like experience in the cloud including new tools, capabilities, and much more. To learn more, we have created a central blog with links to useful information, supported scenarios, migration guides and hands-on tutorials.
  2. Purchase a license to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, see the SAP Store or the Discovery Center.
  3. For SAP HANA native development, the tools available in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack are not yet available in SAP Business Application Studio. To learn how to develop using SAP Business Application Studio, see this video. If you still want to use those tools, you can use SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA development which is available on the SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud trial environment. This temporary solution will be available until SAP HANA development tools are supported in SAP Business Application Studio. To access this solution see tutorial , for usage see video.

For more information on the SAP Cloud Platform strategy, take a look at this blog , or the FAQ.

Note this blog is about discontinuing SAP Web IDE Full-Stack Trial. SAP Web IDE Full-Stack licensed customers can continue using SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, it is available and supported.

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  • Dear Keren,

    thanks for the information. Since the SAP Business Application Studio Trial is hosted on CF trial environment, one important difference is that the trial accounts will expire after some time and extensions, and all projects will be gone. Therefore, it is good for instance to push the project to some Git repo. This was not the case for the NEO.

  • hello karen,

    just to confirm … \

    i currently use web ide full stack to help me develop UI5 apps.

    as far as i know, i do not do the neo trial thing – just develop UI5 apps.

    when the neo trial ends, will i be able to continue to use web ide full stack to develop UI5 apps? if not, what are my options (going back to Eclipse? using web ide personal edition?)

    cheers, Pas

    • Hi pas longo ,

      In order to use SAP Web IDE productively, a license is required. The license grants access to the Factory landscape, which is different than the trial landscape. While this blog discusses the discontinuation of the trial landscape, the Factory landscape is available, maintained, and supported.

      Regards – Raz

  • Thanks for the blog on this. Got the email but this is much better and clearer.

    However, SAP Business Application Studio is in no way a good replacement for the Web IDE. It’s a huge hassle to even set it up and that has to be repeated every 30-90 days, because the account is wiped. I’d rather have the simple Web IDE on CF as is (with just a link to bookmark, no other steps) and then getting wiped (because that’s fine, I can use Git as previously commented) but BAS requires tons of steps to even start using it. I cannot understand this decision and is a huge loss for anyone wanting to try out Fiori, UI5, wanting to do tutorials etc. Speaking of tutorials, they all still speak of Web IDE. There has to be a simpler way than this?

    • Seems to me that the git way is a good way to start.

      In the beginning, WebID was also unstable and had multiple issues and many of them were solved throughout the lifetime of the product, however, some subsided until EOL. Like any product, it takes time to mature.

      I hope SAP revises their strategy around SAP BAS and starts offering this as a tool that better speaks to other parts of SCP and that caters to the developer mainly.

      My personal opinion is that the primary focus of a dev tool is to help the developer and to accelerate their work. If more roadblocks are added than fast lanes people will continue to see a problem to fully embrace UI5.

      There are other tools in the market that make a much better job at helping developers regardless of their experience in UI5 to use UI5, and these are not just tools but toolsets that really helps developers, sap customers, and partners to get the most out of their workforce and their systems ( again personal experience ).

      Maybe people should take a deep breath and look around, grass can also be green(er) outside the lawns of Waldorf.

    • Dear Meli,


      I am afraid, I fully agree with you! Not only the the additional work for trial account users to store the projects, which can be achieved either by saving the whole dev-space and re-importing it, or using Git, but also that, let’s say, 99% of the resources/training material currently available is using WEB IDE. Especially for new-comers, learning SAPUI5 might be rendered a little more difficult in this “transitional phase”. Not everybody will take a company account, directly from the beginning.



  • Hi Keren Rotenberg,

    Thanks for heads up!!

    Will there be any option to migrate all our projects from “Web IDE Full stack trail Neo” to “Business Application Studio”???

    Also looks like trail version for SAP Cloud foundry lasts for 90days only..Post that subaccount will be my understanding correct???



  • Hi karen,

    when I open sap web ide on cf trial . there is not in it a way to import design from build plateform!

    but in neo trial it’s steel used

    do you now why.

    thank you for replay!


  • Hi, I am also afraid if remove SAP WEB IDE Full stack. Because I am currently using it only for Build project purpose for my company UI5 projects. OR can I use my company S user account instead of my personal account? please advise. thanks. –Swami

    • One should for company and productively used projects, use the company grade version of SCP and subscribe for WEB IDE users for instance. It is roughly 50 bucks… and you get 5 licences.

  • This is a very anti-developer community news. Neo environment being discontinued should have made CF environment to have timeless access on trial as was with Neo. How will this strategy support and encourage developer community?




  • Hi,

    It seems to  me  that this is not a  good  news.There  are several SAPUI5 training that have  been prepared  using Web IDE and Neo  Enviroment. All the instructions to connect  to  the  system and start develop are preapared using Web IDE. Also the  documentation. So it will be  very difficult for people  to follow these  courses. How can you  manage this issue? The training  documentation  will be updated ?

    Thanks and regards,


    • Hi Davide Grosso ,

      Please note that only the trial environment is discontinued. Licensed customers can continue using SAP Web IDE Full-Stack. It is available and supported. Therefore, also trainings that use productive accounts can continue to take place.

      Trainings that rely on the availability of trial accounts are being migrated to use SAP Business Application Studio.

      Regards – Raz

      • Hi Raz,

        thanks for your feedback, but do you mean that the documentation of the existing  training will be  updated or that SAP will deliver some new training  that  replace  the  old  ones?(I  see  that SAP Business Studio  is completely different from WEB IDE).

        Anyway, do you know the timing of this  training migration ?

        Me and my colleagues are  following  this courses and  this “change” is creating some  confusion.

        thanks in advance


  • Learning sapui5 and best practises has become a little bit harder from now on. BAS is a great tool but is a lot of heavier and sometimes an overkill for people that comes from traditional abap.

    I understand that sap wants to push the use of BAS but too many changes too soon can also destroy an emerging comunity of developers.

  • Since the countdown to termination has shown up (and kinda disappeared without warning) in my trial account, just want to tag this blog and comments for easier recovery before November 13.

    Thank you,



  • Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, please redirect if necessary!

    Our project is currently using Neo so naturally we also train ourselves using Neo(some using trial environment), so aside from using the paid Neo environment, there is no other place to do training once Neo trial is ended. We can opt to practice using CF instead, but that leaves one question.

    For paid environment, is there a separate license or cost associated with using CF? As mentioned, currently our apps are on Neo, and I’m not sure what’s stopping us from using CF for newer app development, whether it is caused by license/cost constraints. Can someone from SAP advise?



  • Hi, I am really worried about this discontinue of this web ide trial. shall we use company’s S-user account instead? if yes, I will ask sap to provide as already my company purchased NetWeaver 7.4 license and quickly migrate all projects from Trial to S user account before 13 nov 2020. Pls advise .thanks.

    Thanks and regards


    • Hi Swami,

      As mentioned in the blog you have 3 options:

      1. Start using the SAP Business Application Studio trial

      2. Purchase a license to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack via Account Executive or SAP Store

      3. For SAP HANA native development, you can use SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA development which is available on the SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud trial environment.

      NetWeaver 7.4 license is a different license. It does not include SAP Web IDE Full-Stack or SAP Business Application Studio.



      • Hi Keren, thanks. I thought S-user account is free for my company? Are you sure full stack is not free for NetWeaver 7.4. I will talk to my company soon. as left only 3 weeks to end. is it possible to extend for more days as i need to migrate all my projects.

        Meantime please see below my deployment of 8 steps even little change in code

        1. I am using my personal local WEBIDE for ui5 development in my local pc
        2. then import to web ide full stack
        3. Then Build Project via Menu – > Build – > Build Project then ‘Dist’ folder will be created
        4. export into local pc
        5. execute it using /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD
        6. Import project from Abap depository
        7. Replace all fully characters  from “” to “” from code $(“span[id*=’-imgDel-img’]”).attr(“data-sap-ui-icon-content”, “”) which is not supported by IE
        8. Deploy back to Fiori server

        Kindly advice which is the correct way of deployment.

        Best regards


  • Hi Keren, you are not getting my point 2 & 3. please look at my below steps again how I am deploying for every changes to abap depository.

    1. I am using my personal local WEBIDE for ui5 development in my local pc
    2. Then export and import into sap web ide full stack (13.11.2020 last day to access)
    3. Then Build Project via Menu – > Build – > Build Project then ‘Dist’ folder will be created
    4. Export into local pc
    5. execute it using /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD (via tcode se38)
    6. Import project from Abap depository
    7. Replace all fully characters  from “” to “” from code $(“span[id*=’-imgDel-img’]”).attr(“data-sap-ui-icon-content”, “”) which is not supported by IE
    8. Deploy back to Abap depository via local web ide.

    FYI.. I am not using git and cloud connector right now as my company vpn is still not open yet. Hope now clear?

    Best regards


    • Hi,

      You can deploy to your ABAP repo using the personal edition. Another option (recommended) is to use Git as source control and connect it to a pipeline (CI/CD) to deploy to your system.



  • Hi Keren, Any alternate way to build project to ‘Dist’ folder so that I can export and use se38 via program /UI5/UI5_REPOSITORY_LOAD to upload into abap depository? I have moved & stored my project in github. but I don’t know how to build and deploy. pls advise. thanks.

    Best regards


  • Hi Keren, Good news!

    I used SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA development which is available on the SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud trial environment. So Imported my company ui5 project and able to (Build) Build completed successfully and ‘Dist’ folder is created wow!. now I can able to export and deploy to abap via se38. Is this web ide option is only for 30 days free. Should I need to extend and extend for every 30 days? pls advise. thanks.

  • Hi Keren,

    Up until now, my workflow was the following:

    – Whenever a customer needed a new fiori elements solution, I added the system as a destination in the Neo environment
    – I developed the CDS views in the backend and created the solution based on the Fiori Elements templates in the Web IDE
    – Deployed it to the system, test it and transport it to production

    It was free, (mostly) hassle-free and quick. I cannot really understand how could I achieve this from this point onwards.

    Can you please elaborate on the expected way of working in terms of my described workflow?

  • I’ve noticed some developers use trial accounts for developing apps for their customers (who are larger SAP customers that do have a license). I guess these users are now waking up, with one week left to migrate out of the trial environment.

    Obviously, you should not use the trial environment for productive use, even if you work with a customer who has a license…

    For those who have developed hybrid mobile apps (using the Hybrid Application Toolkit extension), a migration to SAP Business Application Studio is not possible. If licensing the Neo environment is not an option for you, then you should migrate your hybrid mobile projects to a local environment before the deadline. Blog post:

  • Hi folks,

    not directly related to NEO, but the Cloud-Foundry Trial period was also mentioned as one pain-point.


    So, I just wanted to add to this discussion, that the Cloud Foundry Trial Environment is now available for 365 days, instead of the earlier 3×30 days:

    Brendan Farthing mentioned this today in another context, and then I saw it on this blog post:


    best regards

  • Hi,


    With the Cloud Foundry Environment using a trial account,

    Can I get access to the Integration Suite which contains the API Management as i wanted to integrate my on-prem SAP HANA Instance using SAP Cloud Connector?

    Is that still available? Any help would be appreciated.




  • Hello. Is there still an option to connect SAP Cloud Connector to Neo trial for SAP WEB IDE? My account name/id (whatever you call this) was changed and now there is no XXXXtrial but i.e XXXX5700 and there is no way to connect to SCC on hanatrail region (there is always 500 error). For CF however it is working.

    I lost of course all configurations and connections with SCC for Neo. Is it possible to restore those configs? Is is possible to work now on SAP WEB IDE with SCC?