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How Has SAP Transformed Corporate Learning For Remote Employees During COVID-19

Some time back, the efficiency of digital learning used to be a debatable matter. However, today with the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the existing work practices enforcing remote working models all over the world, online learning has become an integral part of businesses. Some companies in China are taking advantage of entire industries going completely online. They now offer legal education without meeting their clients face to face.

Today both corporate learners and educators, are trying to balance work and learning while abiding by the safety measures. As multi-national companies keep striving to strengthen their positions in a weak economy, the demand for online corporate learning seems to have assumed gigantic proportions. Interestingly, to facilitate remote learning among organizational hierarchies and across departments, learning resources from SAP play a pivotal role in the majority of the global organizations.

Learning resources from SAP designed for remote learning

The SAP Training and Enablement has been offering remote learning courses that employees can take advantage of even while working remotely. Whether it is related to IT for up-skilling, cross-skilling, or related to specific company Business Law to ensure legal compliance among the remote workforce, learning resources from SAP are ideal in keeping the employer and employees in sync.

Some of the SAP products for remote learning include –

SAP Learning Hub: Employees can either learn new software or get updates of software they already know. Professionals working on SAP projects can access all the materials they require. Also, employees can make the most of these self-paced training courses across diverse subjects like IT, support, etc. These training sessions are hosted by subject matter experts and handbooks are also provided to make remote learning a huge success.

SAP Live Class: As conventional classroom sessions seem to be a thing from the distant past, the virtual live sessions are replacing those at a steady pace. The best part about such virtual classes is that it succeeds in providing the experience of a conventional classroom by allowing learners to engage with other participants and ask queries to the instructors. There are about 4000 virtual events in the SAP catalog and professionals can book these to attend these from their homes.

SAP Enable Now: Companies can create course content with the help of this automation tool powered by SAP. As safety is the need of the hour, firms can design courses and even stimulations to engage employees even if they are working remotely. With the help of this software, companies can create quizzes and courses on topics of health and safety. Also creating such courses and content would not require a deal great of effort or time because the process is fully automated.

SAP Certification: Certification is a part of the learning process that increases motivation and enthusiasm for the learners to complete the course. It is mostly because certification is sort of a validation that makes the way for new employment activities. For employers, certification speaks of a great quality of knowledge. To receive certifications after completing the learning sessions learners usually have to attend online exams and based on these assessments, they are considered to be eligible for receiving certificates.

Education consulting by SAP: To implement all the SAP products across the various work teams of an organization, businesses must get in touch with SAP. The consultants of SAP will try to understand the learning needs of the employees and after that, they would help in chalking out the learning journey. The SAP team would ensure that the learning process is fully efficient and free from any flaws and for that they offer customer support to enhance the remote learning sessions. Also, consultants can recommend training plans based upon the skill sets of employees and can also design custom training plans and course materials, if required.

Evolution of the remote learning experience during COVID times

Till date, SAP has served millions of businesses and enthusiastic professionals to quench their thirst for knowledge by offering diverse learning courses relevant to specific industries. Continuing with their practice, recently, SAP has founded the Training and Adoption initiative to deliver courses that perfectly fit the remote learning needs. This has triggered the evolution of corporate learning in this pandemic-hit world.

  • Engaging learners

When learners can find courses of their interest and can continue it at their own pace, their attention span levels up. To enable this, educators need to offer interesting course topics and should also make room for interactive sessions. Also to measure the effectiveness of such programs, both the learners and instructors should be approached to understand their difficulties and needs from their point of view.

  • Segregating learners

Regardless of the mode of learning, classroom, or virtual, learners face the need to learn and share their opinions amongst members in a small group. These groups can be formed by adding members who share common learning interests. Learners look for ways to shoot relevant questions and to be heard when they are giving a presentation or answering questions and therefore the need for community learning comes out as strong as ever.

  • Educators taking charge

With the learners willing to study in smaller and enclosed groups, the challenge of educators increases. Now educators would not only have to impart knowledge but will also have to instill fire in the minds of learners by introducing out-of-the-box but relevant topics. To enable the effective flow of information, educators would have to use the power of asking too many questions so that the learners can solve it or come up with more questions.

  • Learning by practicing

Gone are the days when learners would only have to concentrate on knowing something. Now the learners have to learn when the time comes to the practical application of it. For the same reason, SAP Enable Now allows professionals to access tutorial videos while using any software solutions.

Final words

While SAP strives to facilitate the educational needs of corporate employees, the respective companies must encourage the productivity of their workforce; by boosting their mindset and values. During trying times like these, self-motivation and discipline are essential for professionals to keep up their spirit of learning. SAP learning products are designed for versatility so that employees can derive maximum benefits, and organizations can enjoy unhindered business continuity.

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