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Sunset of all MultiChain and Quorum services on the SAP Cloud Platform

After the shipment of several productive blockchain solutions, SAP takes the next step in the evolution to become a provider of technology-agnostic and reusable blockchain-based business services.
June 2020 SAP announced the beta program for SAP Blockchain Business Services, that complement process integrations by creating a joint document flow along the entire value network without disclosing sensitive data. Interested customers can sign-up for our beta program and share feedback with the SAP blockchain team.

In the area of open source blockchain technology SAP is working with Microsoft to provide our customers and partners with even more flexible cloud servicses via MS Azure, that provide more data center locations and a broader range of hardware configurability for blockchain nodes than the current SAP ones.


For Quorum, which is already available as an Azure Blockchain Service we are about to retire the SAP-provisioned Quorum services for new customers and cloud renewals.


For MultiChain Coin Sciences – the inventor of MultiChain technology – offers a new MultiChain 2.0 Community template via the Azure Marketplace with support from Coin Sciences. Moreover, MultiChain 2.0 Community and MultiChain 2.0 Enterprise are directly available via the Coin Sciences website. On the other side, we are  about to retire the SAP-provisioned MultiChain nodes for new customers and cloud renewals.

These changes will have implications for new customers and cloud renewals. Our existing MultiChain and Quorum customers can continue to use the blockchain technology offering according to the contractual terms and conditions.


Please feel free to post any questions regarding this topic in the community.

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