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SAP S/4HANA Cloud for projects, Resource Management 2008

Today, we’d like to introduce to you the new resource management solution of SAP S/4HANA Cloud for projects. The solution targets the needs of project managers, resource managers, and consultants when it comes to project-based staffing.

Besides finding the best candidate for a resource request and keeping track of overbooked and underutilized resources, the solution facilitates and streamlines the information exchange across the different roles and ensures everyone has updated information when needed.

The solution is integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud meaning that as soon as a customer project is created in SAP S/4HANA Cloud with the commercial planning and milestones, a resource request is created in resource management. Using the Manage Resource Requests app, the project manager can refine the details in the resource request, including:

  • Timelines and effort
  • Project role needed
  • Required skills
  • Scope description

Once the request is ready for staffing, the project manager can publish the request, which then becomes visible for the resource manager within the Staff Resource Requests app.


Picture: Resource request refined by a project manager

The resource manager can staff resource requests from different project managers. By opening a request, the resource manager can access information about the scope of the request, as well as a list of matching candidates. The matching candidates are proposed by the system based on the candidates’ fulfillment of the skill and availability requirements of the request. In addition, the system displays information about the upcoming utilization of each resource so that the resource manager can distribute resource requests among different candidates.


Picture: Resource request with matching resources for resource manager

The resource manager can also access the View Resource Utilization app in order to see which consultants are overbooked and which have remaining capacity.


Picture: View Resource Utilization app for resource managers

If a suitable candidate is found, the candidate can be directly assigned to the resource request. It is also possible to assign multiple candidates to a single request. In the case that no candidates are available from the requested delivery organization, the resource manager can forward the resource request to another delivery organization and the request can be staffed then from there.

As the request is being staffed, the project manager can view the assigned candidates and track the staffing status using the Manage Resource Requests app. Additionally, the assigned consultants see their assignments in the My Project Experience app, where they can learn more about the assignment details, such as scope, required skills and the assignment dates. Further, the staffing information is accessible in the project information in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, which facilitates further planning and timesheet maintenance within SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


Picture: The My Project Experience app for consultants (mobile view)

In the My Project Experience app, the consultant can also maintain his or her skills, project roles, and previous assignments, for example, from before joining the company.

As you can see, the new resource management facilitates the information exchange between project manager, resource manager, and consultant during the entire staffing process, reducing the effort needed to exchange and communicate information across these roles.

Further, the solution allows for the addition of technical details to a resource request that are relevant for staffing, such as skills, project role, scope description, and refined dates, ensuring that the best candidates can be found whilst reducing the effort needed to clarify these details.

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      Author's profile photo Nadia Razzaq
      Nadia Razzaq
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you very much for putting this great content together @Miguel von Rotz

      Author's profile photo Johannes Bacher
      Johannes Bacher

      great that it is now available!


      Author's profile photo Thitinun Lapayanun
      Thitinun Lapayanun

      Dear Nadia Razzaq,


      Right now our company is working on project approval timesheet in Public Cloud. Further to SAP documentation!SL_D030605EABB8F1B1

      Our doubt is that we couldn't find Approve Timesheets APP or My inbox Approve Timesheets or Confirm Network Activity APP in our Public Cloud system.

      Do we need to activate or include HR module or not?

      Thanks for your kindness support in advance,

      Best Regards,


      Suttisak A.