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U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2020

Hello community,

This is our U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2020 blog. If you have questions about 2020 Year-End reporting, you can post it here. This blog will be updated with tips, best practices and, SAP Notes related to this subject.

To be able to access the Year-end 2020 in the Globalization finder page you need to be logged on (similar to SAP Service Marketplace) because it is a gated area and would need authorization.

To review the planned Legal changes for US, start the Announcement of Legal Change application. You can find detailed information about the Announcement of legal changes on this blog.

SAP Notes

Tax reporter notes

2956914 – W-2 / 1099-R Forms, Envelopes and PR Approval letter for year 2020
2954621 – U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2020 Announcement
2955032 – Year End 2020 Phase I for U.S. Tax Reporter
2975038 – Year End 2020 Phase II for U.S. Tax Reporter
2994384 – (Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 2975038)
3001227 – Year End 2020 Phase III for U.S. Tax Reporter
3006708 – (Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 3001227)
3009810 – TR: Year End 2020 additional U.S. Tax Reporter changes.
3012513 – TR: Cleveland OH requires State Employer Account Number in RS record location 248
3010979 – TR: 1099-R Employee Form being generated for Distribution Codes with zero amounts
3012492 – TR: EFW2 file format changes for the Commonwealth of VA for Tax Year 2020
3017122 – TR: Idaho W-2 electronic file rejected by Tax Authority due to incorrect Date formatting in Record RS

General notes

2922369 IMG: Runtime Error for 3PR Cluster Views V_T51RK_1 and V_T51RX
2990487 – BEN: Limits for retirement, savings plans and Health FSA contribution in tax year 2021
2991544 – RPCPRRU0: Exempt wage types incorrectly configured in TAXT group
3000740 – GARN: IRS Publication 1494 for tax year 2021

3008339 – TAX: Community Safety Payroll Taxes for Eugene
3013127 – BSI: Enablement of Tax Type 106 for Concurrent Employment


If you had upgrade the system to SAPK-60886INSAPHRCUS you need to run report RPUPAV00 as explained in SAP note note which is included in this Support Package:
2923573 – FLSA: Extension of Infotypes 0015 and 0267 to Support Overtime Premium Over Bonuses

This is just for release 608, because infotypes 0015 and 0267 were extended and now have two additional fields so that you can inform the period of reference of the bonus payments. Due this you should run the report.

The ASUG HCM US Webcast 2020 Slide Deck has been attached to SAP Note 2954621 – U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2020 Announcement. In case you are an ASUG member, you can view the webcast recording via video on-demand.

Kind regards,

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  • Hello Graziela,

    We noticed that when running the 941 for QTR 1 of 2021, the form is not checking the "Report for this Quarter of 2021" box for the quarter. This function works for the 2020 form but not working for the 2021 form. I have not found any notes in OSS. Can we inquire here for a solution?



    • Hello Monica,

      This is because form HR_F_941_20_Q3 is being generated, because the valid of this is 12/31/9999 07/01/2020.

      The new note for Quarter 1, 2021 should be released with a new form 941.

      Kind regards,

      • Hello Graziela,

        We do get a new version of the form 941, dated July 2021 though.  It is interesting that the  revision date says July 2021 but it is definitely a new form specifically for 2021. Any further recommendations?



        • Hi Monica,

          The revision date for 941 form HR_F_941_20_Q3 is July, the year 2021 is fulfilled by the selection in Tax Reporter.

          My recommendation is to wait for Quarter I note for 2021.

          Kind regards,

          • Hello Graziela,

            Has the note to update 941 form for 2021 been released? I could not find it. Should this be enquired at some other place? If this is not the right place, could you please point me to it?




          • Hello Jahnavi Kavuru,

            This is not released yet. You can follow up in the announcement of legal changes. As per the information that I have Developer will post the changes there, the note number and the planned release date.

            P.S.: this is not posted yet, but you can keep an eye on it.

            To review the planned Legal changes for US, start the Announcement of Legal Change application. You can find detailed information about the Announcement of legal changes on this blog.

            Kind regards,

          • Hi Graziela,


            We applied note 3036495 - TR: Form 941 (FED) update for Q1/2021 in our sandbox.  When we test our 941, it has a revision date of July 2021 and the IRS website is March 2021.  Any suggestions?


            Thanks and Kind Regards,


          • Hi Kim,

            Did you upload the new form delivered in note 3036496 in SFP transaction?
            The manual steps.

            I´m my internal this is correct.

            Kind regards,

          • Hi Graziela,

            Hopefully you meant note 3036495.  And yes, the manual steps were performed.  The tables were all double checked and HR_F_941_21 is in V_51T5_B.

            Kind Regards,


          • /
          • /
          • Hi Graziela,

            We found an issue in how the note was applied.  After making the correction, it is now printing the correct revision date.  Thank you for your time and assistance.

            Kind regards,


  • Is anyone having issues with running 1099s? Did we miss a note or anything? Something is missing because 1099NEC is not listed in the DMEE tree type for WTRE.

    Format tree  does not exist for tree type WTRE

    • Hi Deborah,

      As per your description this 1099 is from FI and not Tax Reporter.

      I found the FI-AP-AP-Q1 note:
      732265 DMEE: Creation of XML files, some errors in the DMEE

      But I cannot help too much, as this is not my area.

      Kind regards,

    • Moses,

      We too are facing same issue generating 1099 NEC file from RFIDYYWT. The program ends up with error ‘Format tree does not exist for tree type WTRE’.

      We have implemented following notes, yet the error occurs.

      2987409 – US Legal Change 2020 -1099 NEC Form

      2919655 – US IRS New Withholding Tax Form 1099-NEC and Legal changes 2020.

      3008444 – US 2020 Legal Change – 1099 File Changes

       Let me know if you can find a fix, meanwhile we have raised an OSS with SAP.


      Rishikesh Nalapur

        • I was able to fix the 'Format tree does not exist for tree type WTRE' error by entering the DME file fields in the 'Define Output Groups' for 'US_1099NEC'

          Select 'Download file to Frontend' under DME file

          In the format tree field add -  'IDWTFILE_US_1099NEC' . These two were not mentioned in the manual steps of the OSS note.

          • Yes we too were able to fix the issue by maintaining the missing DMEE entry. Not sure, why SAP didn’t capture this part in post manual steps of note 3008444. Thanks for the update. 


            Rishikesh Nalapur


          • Hi Yaseen ,

            SAP has suggested to add BADI filter value as per Notes 3008444 updated last week .

            Do not forget to update it in SAP otherwise once you upload the file on IRS portal for e-filing you will get error .

            Thanks & Regards

            Jamal Noorani

  • Hi All ,

    Once you implement SAP notes for 1099 , PDF forms will be generated successfully , but when you will try to upload file in IRS portal for e-filing 1099 NEC - you may get the error:

    " 1 is the sequence number of your record that is not in ascending numerical sequence. This is the first record where we detected an error in the sequence. The sequence number is located in position 500-507 of each record. Please review your entire file for this error. Refer to the publication 1220 or contact your software company or service provider for further information."

    Solution : Filter value for NEC DMEE tree needs to be added in BADI implementation "DMEE_US_WTRE_01", I hope SAP will release this SAP notes soon for US customers .

    Alternatively , you can create your custom BADI implementation for " DMEE_BADI_01 " and the below filter values which is DMEE files for 1099 :





    and also copy and paste the code from BADI implementation - DMEE_US_WTRE_01 method - MODIFY_OUTPUT_FILE in the custom implementation.

    Hope this will help .

    Thanks & Regards

    Jamal Noorani

  • Hi All ,

    IRS has separated 1099 NEC (Non-Employee Compensation) FORM and 1099 MISC (Miscellaneous).

    In SAP notes - 2919655 you can get the details to implement 1099 changes for 2020.

    This will be useful if you are trying to implement newly delivered 1099 changes for 2020 PDF-FORMS and wondering when SAP is going to deliver the "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1" .

    If we use "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC" - we will be able to print two vendors in a single page, which business team will not like to do.

    SAP has delivered recently these forms but they have no plan to deliver "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1" as per SAP notes (FAQ - 1099)- 2973935 :

    Q9. Does SAP have any plan to release Form IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1?

    A9. No, SAP does not have any plan to release Form IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1.

    When I was going through SAP notes on marketplace, I was looking for PDF-FORM "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1" as Business Team used to print two copies in a single pageThen I decided to develop "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1" with reference to "IDWTCERT_US_1099MISC1" which was delivered by SAP, I did minor enhancement in the PDF-FORM


    I am attaching the FORM "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1" for your reference with a hope that it might be helpful to someone or SAP can use it and release it for all US customers.

    I have two options once I completed the development "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1":

    1. Overwrite the PDF FORM - "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC" with "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1" :

    and it will work perfectly fine - assuming all the configuration is maintained for the NEW PROCESS TYPE - "US_1099NEC" - US - 1099 NEC Reporting" (You can refer to SAP notes 2919655 for configurations steps).


    2. Define a new process type as "US_1099NEC1" and complete the configuration. However, we need to do one additional steps - we have to create custom implementation for BADI - "IDWTREP_ADOBEPRINT" - you can refer to implementation created "IMPUS_IDWTREP_ADOBE" and add the filer value as "IDWTCERT_US_1099NEC1" form name . We may have to create few methods while implementing BADI - you can refer again to "IMPUS_IDWTREP_ADOBE" and copy paste code from the implemented BADI.

    Note: When creating a new PDF FORM "you are uploading the XML - Please save under package "ID-FI-WT".

    Hope this will help. All the best !!!

    Thanks & Regards

    Jamal A Noorani

    • Hi Jamal,

      Thanks for the detailed approach, my client does not have Adobe licenses, can we use the above notes to activate and generate smart forms without adobe license.






  • Hi All ,

    You can also refer to SAP notes – 2873935 for FAQs on USA IRS TAX legal changes 1099 2020 , this is very useful as well .


    Thanks & Regards

    Jamal Noorani

  • Hello Graziela Dondoni,

    Some of our tax reporter number ranges are getting close to the max value, and the number length cannot be extended any further. An example would be our Control number for simulation runs. Is it okay to restart from the beginning of the range? What is the best approach?





    • Randall Allred can you check this section in your tax reporter configuration? - SPRO> Payroll US> Tax Reporter > Additional settings for Tax Reporter.  This configuration segment has few optimization options for number range issues; please check if you are utilizing these. The Configuration nodes in this section has more details about this optimization.



      • Thanks Chandra. We are using those options for the control number range. Our issue is with simulation control number range and log number ranges are getting close to limit. The number length is already at the max per domain. Is the best option to restart the number range? I have not found any documentation on SAP to address these scenarios.

  • Good morning,

    we ran Tax Reporter yesterday morning, the Feature UTRES is set to 1 day, we do not see the W-2 online in Accessport nor IT3228.  do you have any suggestions?

    • Sandra,

      Have you set the generation date? The 1 day in feature UTRES starts from the date entered.


      Edited - Actually I'm not sure if my above comment is true or not. Feature documentation says nothing about the "Filing date" in PU19 having to be filled in.

  • Thank you Larry,

    It was the user, they executed tax reporter in the online vs background, asked the area to rerun with overwrite mode in the background, it processed successfully.

    Thank you!

  • Hello everyone,


    Does anyone have W2 reporting for Massachusetts? We now have to upload because we have more than 50 employees and we are having issues with the length not being 512. The form looks fine in configuration but when we download the MMREF-1 form out of PU19 it has all records on one line (RS, RW etc.). I am hoping that there is something I can do in sm34 to fix this. We get this message when we try to upload to tax authority:

    "All records must be 512 in length. This record must be corrected before it can be further validated."



    • Hello Lena,

      Some forms require the carriage return to be customized.

      This way, could you please update the form as per instructions of the following SAP Note?
      133613 - Formatting temse files for download

      This should solve the issue you are facing.

      Best Regards,

  • We recently received the W-2 dataset format specs for the CCA (Central Collection Agency) for Ohio.  This file spec is much more detailed than I’ve seen previously and there are several decisions that are required to determine the correct codes to send for several fields.

    One example is if the taxing municipality is found in Appendix B positions 7-9 are reported as this…but if the municipality is not found in that appendix then do this.  Actually there are 3 options as you steps through the logic which complicates the correct value.  I didn’t see a delivered file from SAP (ex. HR_F_MMREF_1_OHR) to use for CCA (OH).

    Has anyone worked on a file format like this for Tax Reporter?  Is there a document that I can review which would explain how to setup a file that requires several decisions vs. static data?



  • Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know where to find IRS form 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement in the configuration or if standard program available for generating the form?  My colleague on the Finance side is looking for the statement in the Finance Module but was told it comes delivered in the Payroll Module.  I checked the forms available  in Tax Reporter configuration but could not find. The forms there begin with 1099.

    Any insight would be appreciated.




    • 1098 would be an Industry specific student lifecycle management solution, not included as part of the generic PU19 tax reporter.  Please check this SAP help page relating to this topic.



  • Our company is missing the state and local summary page (PU19) for the state of NH. How would we go about getting this setup for NH? Is this something that requires configuration or is this something that SAP maintains?



  • While reviewing our 2020 W2's, we found out that box 18 is doubled for a teammate where employee lives in one PA local and works in other PA local where as taxes withheld for both locals, /701 is same for both locals. SAP adds /701 of both locals and duplicate box 18. These cases should have /701 not duplicated.

    We have an employee  who lives in PBM9 and works in PB7P.

    When we run US W2 for this employee, we could see her box 18 is doubled with /701 wages of both locals.

    PBM9 YTD for /701 is 74,891.61

    PB7P YTD for /701 is 74,891.61

    Total of both 149,783.22 (box 18)

    This is incorrect as BOX 18 in this case should report only one /701 which is 74,891.61

    Anyone encounters the same?



  • Graziela,

    In BSI TUB 46 introduced a new Tax for Ohio - Tax Type 107 - ER MUTUALIZED ACCOUNT TAX

    Do we know when SAP is going to release a Note on configuring this tax? This is retroactive back to 1/1/2021.




  • I am being informed that on the W2, box 16 for NJ state wages should not exclude cafeteria plan benefits. I am working to confirm this is correct. If so, this is a change that would be made by SAP or is this configuration?