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Talking to Customers – Communication Etiquette

Sometimes it seems as though modern businesses hardly care about their customers. Customers want to be treated like a king, and yet call center consultants are often rude, abrupt and with a could-care-less attitude.

Good communication is an art, and being able to communicate effectively with customers promotes goodwill and encourages repeat business. So the question is, ‘just how can a business improve its communication etiquette with its customers?’


Phone calls are still the leading method that customers use to reach a business for queries. What an off-putter it can be when the phone is answered by someone with a surly voice and whose attitude indicates to you that you have interrupted them.

Toxic business cultures like this can kill a business. Management trains its staff to be energized, positive and enthusiastic, after all, it is in the best interests of the company, and employee- attitude certainly influences business outcomes.

It is important for any company desiring to create passion in their products to speak to customers so that customers can see that there is every reason to believe in a brand. When a business hires a spokesperson for their brand, that person needs to convey credibility, enthusiasm and honesty. For some, it comes naturally, but other people may have to learn how to communicate effectively.

Boost voice quality

Most businesses that recognize the advantages of clear voice quality and no dropped calls, see the advantages of a cell phone signal repeater in the workplace.

Improving the cellular service of a business has extraordinary benefits. With a cell phone booster, you can rely on full-strength cellular voice calls and a drastic reduction in dropped or interrupted calls with a cellular repeater. You will get clear voice calls that customers can actually hear. are certified and authorized resellers and installers of wi-fi booster- and cell phone booster brands to meet every communication challenge a business faces. One thing you don’t want, and that is for your business and its phone set-up to have a negative impact on the company’s name because of the poor quality of its cell phone signal.

The popular email

Sending a business email is fast, free and reachable in all corners of the globe really. The advantages of email marketing make it an important addition to a business’s Internet marketing program.

Most businesses and customers have to deal with an influx of emails so the best communication etiquette for sending emails is to ensure they are clear and concise and written in lower case. Your customers will appreciate a short, to-the-point email with bulleted points to make reading easier.

You want to get your message across in a polite, clear, easily understood format that informs and persuades in a pleasant manner. Make sure that you communicate the purpose of your email with a clear, short subject line. Before you send any email messages, read it over and check for spelling- and grammar mistakes and make sure that there is no chance for any confusion.

The right vocabulary

It is important, particularly these days, to choose your words carefully before you speak. The words that a business uses on their customers can have a big influence on a listener’s experience. It can determine whether they opt to continue doing business with a particular company.

We are working in multi-cultural offices, and customers can get a bad impression of a business that continues to use words and phrases best put to rest. They may seem innocent to you but they can cause offense.

You have to choose your words carefully and even get to know the phrases to use that can promote a feeling of goodwill.

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