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How to send iOS push notification from ABAP to SCP Mobile Services

You wonder how to send push notifications from your SAP Business Suite system directly to your mobile devices.


Development access to a NetWeaver / Business Suites system

ABAP Git installed on your backend system

SAP Cloud Connector configured with principal propagation

An SCP sub-account with mobile services activated (Neo or Cloud Foundry)

A native app configured in mobile services with the push notification feature enabled


The goal is to be able to sent push notifications from your backend in ABAP directly to your mobile devices (iOS, Android).

Configuration Steps:

Step 1 – Create and configure an RFC destination

Step 2 – Import SCP certificate to the SAP System Trust Store

Step 3 – Test your connection

Step 4 – Install abapGit

Step 5 – Import the SCPmsPushNotificationREST_API repo in your system

Step 6 – Configure mobile services

Step 7 – Use the API to send push notifications

Step 8 – Configure your other systems


You can find the detail of all these steps on my GitHub repo that you will need to clone via abapGit


Activate the push notification capability of your iOS application in Xcode. You app should be configured with the SCP iOS SDK.


Launch / onboard your app and verify the device token has been uploaded successfully to CPms under user registration, check for the field APNS device token.


Create an ABAP program with your business logic for dispatching push notification to your devices, here is an example of how to used the API.


    DATA(notification) = zcl_scpms_notification=>create_apns_notification( ).

    notification->set_title( alert_title ).

    notification->set_body( alert_body ).

    notification->set_badge( badge_value ).

  DATA scp_users TYPE zscpms_user_t.

      DATA(push) = zcl_scpms_push_notification=>get_instance( ).

      <scp_user>-name = 'myUserID'.

      DATA(response) = push->push_to_app_users(
        application_id = application_id
        users               = scp_users
        notification     = notification ).

            code    = DATA(code)
            reason = DATA(reason) ).

        IF code BETWEEN 200 AND 299.
          "Handle network error  

    CATCH zcx_scpms_push_notification INTO DATA(ex).
      "Handle exception error


for enhancements or bugs, please send me pull requests


happy coding



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