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Wrap-Up “Business Operations Self-Healing” SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop (Virtual, September 15, 2020)

September 15, 2020

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On September 15, SAP conducted a virtual SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop “Business Operations Self-Healing”. This workshop provided an interactive platform for SAP Premium Engagement customers to learn the most recent innovations in self-healing space, exchange experiences, learn from peers about their advancements in that area, and ask SAP experts questions.

This blog invites you to take a closer look at how SAP is addressing the customer needs in the digital economy and how customers can boost business operations with state-of-the-art self-healing capabilities.

SAP Business Technology Platform helps customers focus on business, not on technical building blocks

In the recent years, the speed of business continuously increased. There has been a strong focus on digital transformation (mobile apps, AI, IoT, big data) that became part of companies’ technological landscape. But essentially it comes down to one: the ability to quickly harness the large amount of digital information and deliver an exceptional experience and business value for the end customer. Businesses must now, in COVID-19 crisis, scale their initiatives in a matter of days or weeks. In this unique moment, IT can lead the way to enable companies to progress more quickly than ever before. The question becomes, how to stay focused on the essential and how to do more with less?

SAP’s strategy to be the experience company powered by the intelligent enterprise aims to help customers to thrive in the new economy where being a data-driven enterprise and delivering exceptional experiences is key to their success.  SAP provides the Business Technology Platform that allows organizations to focus much stronger on their business, rather than on the technical building blocks. The Business Technology Platform provides enterprises the flexibility and speed in the development of business applications as customers and employees demand better experiences.

SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop: How organizations can leverage SAP Business Technology Platform to implement self-healing capabilities

The SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshop “Business Operations Self-Healing” focused on

  • how companies can bring innovation into their company fast,
  • how they can help their employees focus on the essential work, and
  • how they can leverage the benefits of Business Technology Platform to implement self-healing capabilities in their organizations.

Alina Boissay, Director at SAP MaxAttention Center of Expertise at SAP, kicked-off the workshop with an introduction into the challenges of digital economy and how SAP’s strategy aims to help its customers through technology.

Glenn Svensson, Program Director of SAP Business Operations Self-Healing (BoSh) at SAP discussed why companies need self-healing capabilities. Businesses need to build resilience through better and smarter tools that serve their employees, so they can be more effective and be able to solve problems through guided augmentation. Problems that do not need any human intervention should be automated through insights and intelligence.

Andy Lawrence, Lead Architect of SAP Business Operations Self-Healing at SAP showcased the capabilities of the BoSh Service, how it delivers an unmatched customer experience, where issues are automatically fixed, and how it provides end-users with intelligent, seamless and effortless interactions to core processes. ​Customers were given a possibility to interact with self-paced BoSh demos as part of Andy’s session.

SAP Business Operations Self-Healing – an out-of-the-box AI platform from SAP

SAP Business Operations Self-Healing Service offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box AI platform to support automation in the business operations self-healing space from self-help to self-healing.

BoSh uses the latest innovations in AI to help accelerate the customer’s Intelligent Enterprise journey. Further, BoSh automates business processes to empower users and enable a better user experience. This allows them to manage interactions, reduce operational cost and improve end user satisfaction.


BoSh is a high-impact out-of-the-box end-to-end cloud-based AI automation platform​. It can be deployed at the company in less than 6 weeks from Start to Deliver with standard high-value use cases​. Companies will experience a fast return on investment for targeted business outcomes enabling a foundation for large scale horizontal and vertical expansion across lines of businesses.

Customer Spotlight: how Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses SAP Business Operations Self-Healing Service

The highlight of the workshop was a customer spotlight session with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) represented by Ashwin Somasundaram, Senior Director of Global IT, and Manikanth Seethamraju, Principal Architect of SAP & Infrastructure. They joined the workshop along with Praveen Bapat, Technical Quality Manager at SAP, as co-speakers and showcased how SAP Business Operations Self-Healing is already helping their organization across lines of businesses.

The workshop was supported by multiple polls and “ask the expert” interactions where customers gave a perspective on the demands to self-healing in their organization and got into the conversation with solution management team of BoSh.

SAP is looking forward to engaging with our customers and help their organizations run smarter with SAP Business Operations Self-Healing Service. Please contact to learn how.

Please also check out the slides presented during the workshop, as well as the recording.

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In case you are interested in further SAP MaxAttention Innovation Workshops click here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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      Author's profile photo Ashwin Somasundaram
      Ashwin Somasundaram

      Thanks SAP Max Attention for having Hewlett Packard Enterprise on the Customer Spot light session.

      Author's profile photo Alina Boissay
      Alina Boissay

      Thank you Ashwin Somasundaram and Manikanth Seethamraju for your great presentation during the event!

      Author's profile photo Linda Loeffler
      Linda Loeffler

      Ashwin, We are pleased that we had you on board! It was great to hear about the success story from such a valued customer like HPE.

      Looking forward to our future collaboration.