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ABAP Test Cockpit in the Cloud – What is already possible

If you use (or intend to use) the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment to develop ABAP applications in the cloud and want to establish quality assurance for your cloud-based ABAP developments then you are surely interested in the executing of ABAP Test Cockpit checks over our ABAP custom code in the cloud.

How to execute custom code analysis in the Cloud

Starting with the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment 2011 the SAP Fiori App Custom Code Migration, which is the SAP recommended tool for analysis of your custom code for SAP S/4HANA and cloud, supports also classic custom code analysis projects.

If you press Create button in the Custom Code Migration App you can now select a custom code analysis project:

Then you can enter the project data and select the ATC check variant. You can check your custom code in the same system (as shown on the screenshot below) as well as the code in remote system (in this case you need to use remote-enabled ATC check variant and enter the connection to your remote system).

Under the Advanced Configuration you can restrict custom code analysis and choose which packages you want to analyze:

After you saved your custom code analysis project, ABAP Test Cockpit will execute custom code analysis and you can examine your ATC results under the Analysis tab by clicking the Analyze Findings button or by clicking directly on the reported “Number of Findings” in the project:


How to configure an ATC check variant in the Cloud

The SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment offers you by default some predefined ATC check variants. For example, the check variant SAP_CLOUD_PLATFORM_ATC_DEFAULT contains the preconfigured ATC checks, which will be used if you just run ATC in ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse over your custom code in your cloud-based ABAP system.

But surely you may want to configure the ATC check variant according to your needs e.g. adjust the check priorities or exclude some checks.

Starting with the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment 2008 you can configure your ATC check variant for cloud using the new SAP Fiori App ABAP Test Cockpit Configurator. Let’s examine in detail how it works.

The new SAP Fiori App ABAP Test Cockpit Configurator allows you to maintain ATC configurations for the Cloud based on ATC check variants. For more information how to provide access to users and how to implement this App, see the SAP Help Documentation ABAP Test Cockpit Configurator.

View and maintain ATC configurations

Open the ABAP Test Cockpit Configurator App by clicking on it. All available ATC configurations in your ABAP system in the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment are listed, and the default configuration is marked as Yes. You can any time click on the respective “>“ button and adjust an ATC configuration.

As you see from this example already 2 ATC configurations were already created in the App and one of them is set as default:

Create a new ATC configuration based on an ATC check variant

Let’s create a new ATC configuration based on the default ATC check variant for cloud SAP_CLOUD_PLATFORM_ATC_DEFAULT. To do so click the Create button, enter the Name and select the ATC check variant SAP_CLOUD_PLATFORM_ATC_DEFAULT.

Press Create button:

Change ATC check priorities

Now you can (if needed) change the ATC check priorities for this configuration. Use the Search field to search for the check class or message code you want to edit.

Press Edit button and use the drop-down menu to change a priority of a message:

Don’t forget to save your changes:

Set your ATC configuration as default

If you now want to use your adjusted ATC configuration as default just select it in the ATC configurations list and click the Set Default button:


How to display an ATC check variant in ADT

For the ATC execution in the cloud we currently offer some standard ATC check variants. You can choose an ATC check variant from the existing check variants by clicking the Browse button (or using Content Assist: Ctrl + Space shortcut):

Until now it was not possible to see, which ATC checks are contained in the corresponding ATC check variant. Now you can display an ATC check variant as an ABAP development object using the Open ABAP Development Object (Ctrl + Shift + A) to see which checks are contained in it:

Just select the ATC check variant and it gets displayed in the editor in a tree-like view as you know it from the SAP GUI Code Inspector. You can open a check category (e.g. “Syntax Check”) to see which checks are chosen there. On the bottom of the view you can switch between parameters of the selected check (“Parameters”) and its details (“Documentation”):

Currently you are not yet able to create your own ATC check variants, but it will become possible with one of the next releases of the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment.

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