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How Hexa is Revolutionizing The E-commerce World

Hexa is dramatically reducing the cost of 3D content creation and distribution with its ability to convert 2D images into 3D models


In the current times of social distancing where almost all shopping is done online, retailers are looking for creative solutions that allow customers to visualize products inside of their own homes. While some companies look to create AR or other immersive content in order to engage with consumers, they quickly realize that the creation and distribution of 3D assets is extremely expensive, time-consuming, and something that most retailers cannot do by themselves. This is where Hexa comes in.

Hexa is one of the biggest manufacturers for 3D content creation, and is changing the way that retailers and manufacturers communicate their products. Using its proprietary technology, platform and dataset, Hexa offers its customers a risk- free, API-based business model to create and distribute immersive 3D, AR, and VR content. By using Hexa, retailers can lower visualization costs, increase sales metrics, improve customer acquisition costs and distribute content globally.

2D to 3D in Days

With just a product page URL, Hexa can convert any company’s 2D images into 3D models, simply from the existing photos of each product. After the 2D images go through an in-depth yet quick product profiling and classification phase, Hexa uses neural networks to reconstruct the product as XR content. Whereas typical 3D content creation requires the physical shipping of products or special photoshoots (which are both expensive and time-consuming), Hexa’s algorithm scrapes the visual data from the image carousel automatically, getting all of the information it needs to create immersive content.

The Distribution Factor

Not only does Hexa help brands create this immersive content, but it supports its distribution as well. Currently, large brands struggle to share their 3D content, as there is no unified file format to do so. Hexa’s distribution solution uses Hexa’s worldwide retailers network to share high fidelity content, making it accessible to any retailer viewer. Whether it be on an online product page carousel or through an AR virtual experience for consumers, Hexa allows companies to truly monetize their 3D assets and get them into the right hands.

The results? Hexa’s customers have reported a 25% average sales uplift, a 50% reduction in customer acquisition costs, up to 80% reduction in visualization costs, and a 5x increase in ROI.

Innovating with SAP and The SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv

SAP’s 2020 Consumer Products white paper emphasizes how consumers prioritize convenience, but also want to feel confident that they have found the right product for them, particularly in select categories like fashion and home furnishing. By allowing consumers to position items like a sofa or dining room table within their own homes, Hexa provides consumers with an immersive experience that lets them feel confident in their purchasing decisions.

Hexa participated in the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Products Cohort and became an SAP Partner Edge Integrate Partner. They are currently integrating into SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Ariba. By working with Hexa, SAP’s customers in the fashion, furniture, and consumer products space will be able improve sales metrics, distribute content, and lower customer acquisition cost.

If anyone in the SAP Community is interested in connecting with Hexa or one of the other the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv consumer products startups, please check out

Applications for our next cohort are now open! If you know a startup that has an innovative solution for the Utilities industry, check out

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