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Customer Master creation and extension in S/4 using Migration cockpit (LTMC)

There are two migration objects in S/4 delivered in 1909 for Customer Master.

  • Customer
  • Customer – extend existing record by new org levels

Customer object is used when a customer is created first time. Business Partner (BP) is created at the same time. This additional business partner creation adds complexity to customer data load in S/4 especially during initial data loads.

Extension to a different sales area or company code is done by another object – Customer – extend existing record by new org levels.

This document gives some tips that will help you fill up the templates and load these objects in S/4.


This object is used when a customer is created for the first time.

Use LTMC t-code to start the migration cockpit in the backend system.

TIP: If you do not get the Migrate Your Data screen, then your system is not set up Web Dynpro Application. Contact your Basis team.


Migrate your data

You can create a new project or double click an existing one.

Select Customer to create customer first time.



Double click customer.


Migration Object Customer


In here many actions are possible.

Download Template – This will download XML file.

TIP: Open this in Excel. This will show up as multiple tabs.

Upload file – After file is filled, upload here.

Activate – Activate file.

Start Transfer – To load the file. Now system will do multiple checks.

TIP: You can deactivate and delete a file if you do not want to load data.

There is a blog that covers the customer master creation in an earlier release.

This blog is focused on changes in 1909 and tips that will help users to prepare the customer master load sheets. Data migration for customer extension object screens are included in this blog also.


BP Roles Tab

Add the BP roles you want to create. You can create Fin. Accounting and Sales in one file if needed.

The standard role FLCU00 Customer (Fin.Accounting) will create customer at Company Code.

The standard role FLCU01 Customer will create customer Sales views.

TIP: Do not add role 000000 Business Partner General. As long as one of company code or sales view is selected, Business Partner is created.


Customer – Roles

TIP: The template for customer number expects an external number. So you have to start with a number even if you are using internal number in BP.

Customer – Sales

For role FLCU01 Customer, typically the following tabs in load file are filled in.

  • General Data
  • Sales Data
  • Sales Partner
  • Tax Classification

General Data


Customer – General Data

Sales Data


Customer – Sales Data

Sales Partner

TIP: Use partner function in German not local language.


Customer – Sales Partner

Tax Classification


Customer Sales Classification

Customer – Fin. Accounting (Company Code)

For role FLCU00 Customer Fin Accounting, typically the following tabs in load file are filled in.

  • General Data
  • Company Data

General data is covered earlier.

Company Data


Customer- Company Data

Internal Number Scheme for BP

When you want to use internal number range for business partners, the migration spreadsheet is expecting customer number to be filled in. During processing in CoNvert Values, there is a mapping that will ask customer number range. If you are using internal numbers. Filling this one way or other is not going to create business partners or customers. The number range in BP has to be set correctly. See BUC2.


Customer – Numbering

TIP: You have to convert number range to External range during dats migration.

T-code BUC2

After migration, you change to internal number range.


Customer – BP Group number range




Customer Master Extension

After a customer master is created, use object Customer – extend existing record by new org levels, to extend to different sales org or company code.


Customer Ext – Project

Extend Customer – BP roles

BP role(s) can be created only once. They are created with Customer object initially.

TIP: BP roles – leave blank if they are created in Customer migration object. These are not needed for customer extension.


Customer Ext – BP roles

Extend Customer Sales

Here a customer created for one sales organization can be extended to additional sales orgs.

Typically the following tabs in load file are filled in.

  • General Data
  • Sales Data
  • Sales Partner
  • Tax Classification

General Data

The data in this tab is very different than customer. Additional linkages like vendor, contact person can be made here.


Customer Ext – General Data

Sales Data


Customer Ext – Sales Data

Sales Partner

TIP: As in customer use partner function in German language


Customer Ext – Sales Partner

Tax Classification

If the country is loaded already with Customer object, data will be filled in automatically.

TIP: Fill this only when a new country is involved with the extension. Otherwise leave it blank.


Customer Ext – Tax Classification


Customer – Fin. Accounting (Company Code)

To extend to a new company code, typically the following tabs in load file are filled in.

  • General Data
  • Company Data

General data is covered earlier.

Company Data

Fill with data for additional company code.


Customer Ext – Company Data




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      Author's profile photo V S N Satyendra Kumar Mittapalli
      V S N Satyendra Kumar Mittapalli

      Very Informative, thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Archana Palani
      Archana Palani

      Very Good Blog.

      i have followed all the steps , In Extension Migration Object Finished successfully without any error but Company Code as well Sales Org is not reflected.

      Could you help ?

      Author's profile photo Adi Mogilevsky
      Adi Mogilevsky

      I have the same issue . Have you figured out why is that?

      Author's profile photo Amit A. Kothekar
      Amit A. Kothekar

      While extending Customer Master BP getting error "Update or enhance of already existing record XXXX is not allowed"

      Author's profile photo Pragya Dixit
      Pragya Dixit

      Hello Ramani,

      I am trying to extend BP- Supplier to Customer using Customer - extend existing record by new org Level , But this giving me error

      Business partner category does not exist; Select 1, 2 or 3 Message no. R1269 .

      Can You please help me in resolving this ?


      Author's profile photo Subhash Reddy
      Subhash Reddy

      I'm wondering why can we not extend a customer to multiple sales orgs and company codes with "Customer" object itself? Having to maintain 2 objects will complicate the process.

      Author's profile photo Alexander Walch
      Alexander Walch

      Same with the partner roles - it is not possible to assign record A as partner of record B from the same file - because the number for the link must exist at the time.

      Or with partner roles/relationship with contacts. Unable to use the contact from the same file within the partner role sheet.

      Author's profile photo Mani Sajnani
      Mani Sajnani

      Hi @Ramani, I was trying to Extend Customer but only one thing i won't understand i.e RUN ID

      What Shall i put in RUN ID


      Mani Sajnani