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SAP CPQ – Stateful API Authentication – Using in 3rd Party & other tools

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The purpose of this article is to demonstrate and explain how CPQ API Authentication is made and CSRF token gets generated for making use of other endpoints.

This article provided examples applies only to /api/rd/v1/xxxxxxxxx

This authentication type is used for responsive design APIs. If you are calling an API from a SAP CPQ page using JavaScript, no additional steps are required as you are already authenticated. However, if you are calling the API from a third-party tool, you should first log in calling the method /api/rd/v1/Core/LogIn. This creates a session and gets the CSRF header token.


CPQ API Documentation

Step 1 :  How to get CPQ CSRF token ?

Pass the CSRF Token in Authorization request to refresh the session

API to find total number of Product Catalogs with multiple filters

API to find all the Catalog Information

API to find all the customer details exist in CPQ

Keep watching for Admin related API Authentication & endpoints in my next Article


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