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SAP Cloud Platform Kyma Runtime – Sample Apps

The SAP Cloud Platform Kyma runtime was announced earlier this year. To help developers jump-start their development and explore the options and capabilities provided by the Kyma Runtime we created a new sample code Github repository.  Within the repository you will find a number of samples written in different languages that demonstrate various features and configuration options for you to explore. We will continue to publish additional content so make sure to “watch” the repository.

To get started with the samples start by cloning the repository

git clone


Within the repository you will find a containing a link index of all of the samples. Each link will lead you to a containing the specific prerequisites and configuration instructions for the sample.  Additionally many of the samples can be used together to demonstrate how full stack applications can be built.

Hope you enjoy!


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  • Hello Jamie,

    In multiple examples when creating an apirule you refer to the cluster name (=cluster domain) with the following construct <cluster-name>;

    How do I replace it with the real name of my cluster the one I get via the following call:

    kubectl config get-clusters --namespace <mynamespace> --kubeconfig ~/.kube/kubeconfig.yml

    thx; Piotr

    • Hi Piotr,

      You have to clone or download the content to your local computer and replace the entry using your editor of choice.



  • Hi Jamie,

    That's what I did eventually.

    But I was under impression that there is a way to refer to the cluster name or other objects via a metadata referral mechanism.

    What if I wanted to have a generic deployment setup ?

    In many examples the "mechanism" is just environment variables... best regards; Piotr