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Manage Privacy of Personal Data using SAP Cloud Platform Personal Data Manager

Disclaimer: The names of the company and individuals used below are just to explain the scenarios and bear no resemblance to any individual or company

Overview of Persona

I am a Customer Service Representative (CSR) of a Skiing Retail Company AtoYSkiing.

My primary responsibility is to cater to different requests from the End Users (Data Subjects) on their Information Request on the Personal Data Stored about them.

The End users call me to request Information about their Personal Data or request an export of their Personal Data or might request a correction of their Personal Data.

In case the End User wants to stop doing Business with our Company, they could also request a deletion of his/her Personal Data.

Let’s understand the use case through a specific scenario of the End User.

End User Story!!!

It’s a Cold Winter Morning, you are sipping a Hot cup of Coffee from your balcony and you see the winter Alps shining white and bright.

Skiing has always been in your Bucket List and you finally decide to give it a try.

You get into a website that Retails Skiing Costumes and Poles. The Website – “AtoYSkiing” asks for a detailed profile information of yours as it also helps setup a community of Skiers around the area.

You provide all relevant Personal Data, Setup an Account in the Website and then make an Order to Buy a set of Skiing Equipment. With this, AtoYSkiing now holds your Personal Data like your Name, Address, Phone Number and Email ID and has the details of your Orders that have been created as part of the Business Transaction.

Its been few months of on and off Skiing and you finally decide its time to take this sport more seriously.

The first thing to do, is move to a new house that is closer to the Alps!

You find a place nearby that fits all your needs and you shift to your new house. You get into the Skiing website and to update your personal details with the latest home address, so that the skiing company can help you deliver the orders to the new place.

You call up the Customer Service Representative (CSR) of AtoYSkiing and ask him to update your home Address.

The CSR, a well-spoken individual explains that AtoYSkiing as a Company, uses SAP Cloud Platform Personal Data Manager (SCP PDM) Service to help manage the personal data of end users like me.

With that, let us look at the capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform Personal Data Manager and how the use case of the End User (Data Subject) gets catered to.

Overview of SAP Cloud Platform Personal Data Manager

Scenario of Requesting Correction to Personal Data

Persona Introduction

Requesting the Company to Manage Personal Data

Identifying the End User before Processing the Request

With that I was able to successfully update my address and continue availing the Services for my Skiing hobby.


The Service is also available for Customers and Applications on the Kyma Runtime.

SCP Personal Data Manager would be a great fit for every SCP Business Applications of Customers that needs to manage the Personal Data of its end user in a simple and transparent manner.

Further Details:

SAP Discovery Center

Help Documentation

Demo Video


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