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EHSM – RA/OH/IM Mapping for Covid19 scenario

Hello All,

I have done an initial mapping using RA+OH+IM for Covid19 when industries and workplaces will reopen what are roles and responsibilities need to be or should be taken into consideration.

Below is the short summary:

Whenever Covid19 situation gets better and workplaces get re-open and back to the track – The most important questions for school/university / IT companies and Industries is to make sure that everyone is confident enough to come back and work with a positive mindset that the places they are working or school and university they are going are safe and all the precautionary measure has been taken.

So here comes the EHS Manager role to make sure all the standard sanitization frequently was done + social distancing is maintained and everyone following proper rules and procedures for the smooth running of day to day life.

Below is the standard solution is given by SAP and We have tried to map how precautionary measurement can be taken using SAP solutions


EHSM-RA: Risk Assessment

First here we need to finalize the area which has a greater number of foot count + those locations where people will frequently use:


  1. Parking – High number of foot count
  2. Lift – High number of foot count
  3. Canteen – High number of foot count
  4. Workstation – Medium number of foot count
  5. Restroom – Medium number of foot count

Then start with cycles of Sanitization as per the recommendation given by WHO and perform Risk Assessment in those areas which are high risk.

To get everyone confident the video of a particular workstation will be sent to the respective group of people working in that location.

Example: SOP mentioned to do 4-time sanitization of a particular location, So EHS Manager will assign a task to a team member to perform sanitization of a particular location + once done, Upload the short video for same, Once uploaded, Respective user, get the notification in email or cellphone as a part of E2E cycle.


EHSM-OH: Occupation Health

  • Here let’s suppose offices and other workplaces are opening from 1st Nov 2020, so we will suggest inviting employees in phases (Shifts + small number of batches initially)
  • So, in 1st Phrase, we will invite a limited number of resources which are mandatory + make a list of those employees.
  • Then suppose 100 members we consider inviting back to work from 1st Nov then those 100 employees get a notification in an email a predefined schedule to visit a predefined hospital and go through some mandatory tests and medication as suggested by WHO. And submit the report. These reports will be uploaded in the system and give a go-ahead if that employee is fit enough to come back or not. These tests will include some more basic information like smoking and drinking and diabetes or high or low blood pressure and other information.

EHSM-IM: Incident Management

  • Once we are confident about our workstations are sanitize and our employees are fit to come back then we will use this incident management app to capture any observation or any near miss or any incident found within respective premises.
  • In case someone found suffering from fever or coughing frequently or feeling dizzy, then once can open the incident management app and raise an incident for that particular person + particular location and EHS Manager gets a notification.
  • Seeing the severity of the incident, close that workstation or stop permitting of employees in that location or perform sanitization across the location can be taken accordingly.


This is an initial draft and a though to map EHSM and Covid19 scenario.

Kindly let me know our thoughts and feedback on the comment sections





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      Author's profile photo SIMPLE RANI

      Interesting topic.

      Author's profile photo Michael Censurato
      Michael Censurato

      Idrees, this is good work. If you grouped all of your processes into one, it would align very well with what we came up with internally. Another thing to think about is how EHS can be used as a "backbone" for front line systems like temperature checking, IoT, mobile apps, air quality devices, etc.

      I can send you an L1 overview of our COVID-19 concept if you like



      Author's profile photo Idrees Mohammed
      Idrees Mohammed
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Michael,

      Yes, I am interested to see the concept.