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How to get all the Custom Enhancements(BADIs/User Exits/BTE) implemented for any Transaction Code in SAP?


Most of the Projects or Companies are already using SAP and if you are working on one of them as an ABAPer or Functional Consultant it is always useful to know what are the Enhancements already Implemented in the Standard Transaction. Based on my Experience 30% of the WRICEFF objects are Enhancements hence this will help you to know what is already in the system so you can Optimize it further ๐Ÿ™‚



What is WRICEFF?

Check the below diagram and everyone needs to know what are they and the Full Form.

Now lets get into the SAP Enhancement Business

Go To Transaction Code ANST

Now enter the Transaction Code you want to check and a Description. In this case we are checking ME21N Transaction Code, Now Execute

The PO Entry Screen is presented. Here I can just hit back or you can create a PO also.

Select the appropriate Module which is Material master here and Select Customer Code.

Wala here is the Z Implementation we did

We can double click and we are in the Implementation.


You can use this to find SAP Enhancements.


Below is the Video Version



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