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SAP Business Technology Platform Trial: Continuous Innovation with Multi-Cloud Focus


If you are interested in learning about SAP Cloud Platform – no matter whether you are new to the platform altogether or an experienced users looking to stay up to date on new features and services – the SAP Cloud Platform trial is a great place to start. The trial landing page has links to starter scenarios which feature easy-to-follow tutorials showcasing key functionalities of SAP Cloud Platform, Guided Tours to help you get started, and more information.

New features and services

We are constantly adding new features and services to the SAP Cloud Platform trial. The latest additions to the trial portfolio include SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite (link to topics page), SAP HANA Cloud (link to announcement and link to detailed blog), Business Application Studio (link to detailed blog), UI5 Flexibility for Key Users (featured e.g. in this blog) and Business Entity Recognition (link to related blog posts). As a key element of the learning and experience journey, we will continue to expand and enhance our trial portfolio.

With our newest starter scenario, “Get Started with Document Information Extraction”, you can learn how to process documents in PDF format that have content in headers and tables by using machine learning.

Also, we’ve introduced the so-called boosters to the cockpit which improve and accelerate your onboarding experience. Just select the respective tile under “Boosters” in your Global Account and have the set-up done for you: You can start with your trial experience right away. Several boosters are already available, two for the starter scenarios “Automate and Extend Employee Onboarding” and “Create a Native App for iOS and Android without Writing Code” respectively. In August we will also publish two more boosters: one for “Develop an SAP Fiori App Using ABAP” and one for “Get Started with Document Information Extraction.” Stay tuned!

Focus on multi-cloud

Aligned with our multi-cloud strategy (see this blog for more details), SAP Cloud Platform trial will also move to multi-cloud and be offered solely on the Cloud Foundry environment. Starting August 13th, 2020, new trial accounts will be created on our multi-cloud foundation only, ensuring that our trial users get access to the latest innovations and new services we deliver. Existing trial accounts on SAP Cloud Platform, Neo environment will remain active until November 13th, 2020. We recommend that existing trial users should start new activities on multi-cloud going forward.

We hope to see many of you around to continuously learn about and try out SAP Cloud Platform! Click here to access your existing Cloud Foundry trial account, or to create a new one.

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  • I just want to point out that someone who likes the trial and decises to purchase a license for any service will not be able to do by clicking in a "buy it here" button.

    This simply does not exists.

    You have to become an "authorized buyer" and for that you must contact SAP support and wait for their feedback in SAP Store.

    So, in the end the trial has a better experience than the production version and can create an account on your own.

    Is there any plan to add a "Buy it here" button inside SCP?

    • Hello Fábio, thanks for the feedback. Today, there is a link to SAP Store available on the trial home page. Could you explain in more detail where else you would like to see such a link? Thanks and regards, Katrin

      • Hello Katrin,

        SAP Store only allows you to buy something if you are an existing customer and if you are eligible to be an "authorized buyer" of an "authorized customer".

        If you are a new customer - there is no choice to buy by yourself.

        You have to go through a web page that explains what that means and in the end there is no option again on how to become one.

        So you have to fill out a contact form which clearly was designed for existing customers as it does not have any option related to "become an authorized buyer" or "become a customer". It's a sales support contact form.

        So you write down what you want to do and then wait 24 hours to have a feedback.

        After 24 hours (not counting weekends) you get a feedback asking the very same information that you filled in the contact form and a few others like the name of the company (couldn't that be inside the form?).

        Then another 24 hours passes.

        Then the SAP Support team realizes that the sales team must be contacted and then ask you to "wait some time to complete your account".

        Does it makes sense?

        I'd suggest taking a look on how Amazon, Microsoft and Google handles this simple scenario.

        They include a "Sign up" button on their website, you can register in 5 minutos, no support team involved or uncessary emails.

        After registered, you can simply create a "billing account", put some credit card info and then by minute 10 you can start using the services and paying for them.

        That is another big issue with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Store today: many services have a "minimum contract" of 3 or 12 months. I have never seen any Iaas or PaaS doing that. Can't SAP measure the use of each and every service and charge on the real use?


          • Hi Fábio, I hope your registration is now complete, if not please contact for support. It was my understanding that everyone can buy on SAP Store with a credit card on the spot without complications. Only if invoice payment is requested, we have to verify the identity of the buyer which can take a few business days. So maybe in your case something went wrong? I hope the colleagues at will be able to help. As for your other point, we understand the requirement for a Pay-as-you-go model and hope to make it available on SAP Store soon. Regards, Katrin

  • Thank you so much Yun-Hsuan Lin for the information.

    Is it for trial account or Productive Neo environment also will inactive after November 13th,2020.




  • Hi,

    As the usage of Neo trial of SCP is getting closed by November 13, 2020. As we have privileges to use Cloud Connector configuration in Neo environment. Whereas in Cloud Foundry, we don't see any option for Cloud connectors.
    Is there an option to setup Cloud Connector in CF ?
    If its possible to do Cloud Connector setup in Cloud foundry as well, Please help to share the blog/link to setup Cloud connector for CF in SCP.
    Thanks & Regards,