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SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite Trial is Now Available!

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is our recommended integration platform as a service for your enterprise-wide integration needs. It features all the capabilities that you need for your digital transformation journey. In our endeavor to provide the best integration platform in the market today, we have taken a significant step and launched a new trial offering for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

What’s Does the Trial Include?

The SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite trial offers a wide range of capabilities to cover your integration needs. The following capabilities are available for trial:

  • Cloud Integration: for end-to-end process integration
  • API Management: your one-stop-shop to design, deliver, manage and monetize your APIs
  • Open Connectors: ~160 non-SAP connectors to extend the connectivity options to non-SAP applications
  • Integration Advisor: accelerate your interface development with intelligent proposals

How Do I Get Started?

If you create a new trial account on the SAP Cloud Platform, you will see the Integration Suite service available in your subscriptions. If you have an existing trial account, depending on your subaccount model, you might have to configure the entitlements of your subaccount so that Integration Suite is visible in your subscriptions. You can do that from the Entitlements section of the cockpit. Here’s a quick demo of the same.

You can then follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial – Onboard to SAP Integration Suite Trial – and get started with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. In the coming days, we will also provide you with hands-on tutorials where you can use multiple Integration Suite capabilities on trial to achieve a simple use case that will give you an idea of the different capabilities of Integration Suite.

NOTE: If you are having issues accessing Open Connectors capability after activating it, please send an email to with your P-user or S-user ID. Also, please ensure that you unsubscribe from the standalone Open Connectors trial before you activate it in the Integration Suite. Otherwise, the activation of Open Connectors capability will fail. 

You can find out your S-user using the instructions in this link:

Leverage our Community

As you might already know, the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite community contains a lot of content from both SAP and non-SAP integration experts. We encourage you to use the content on the community to learn more about Integration Suite.

If you have any questions, please use the “Ask a Question” feature in the community. The experts in the community will help you with your query. I strongly encourage you to use this feature so that it can also help other users who might have similar questions in the future. Once you gain expertise, feel free to answer questions as well and become well-known as an integration expert 🙂

We hope you have a good time trying out the Integration Suite and understand the value it offers to your businesses. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us through the community. If you face issues with activating the capabilities, please reach out to us on for support. Please note that we do not offer consulting or how-to support via the email channel as this is exclusively offered through the community only.

We are looking forward to your feedback on our Integration Suite trial! We are excited about the future and hope that you can join us in our journey of simplifying enterprise integrations.

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  • Hi Gautham,


    Getting error when activating the cpi service.


    Error P002: Activation of Cloud Integration capability has failed. Please try again later. If the issue persists, please send your application URL and details of the error message to

  • Hello,
    I followed the instruction in the video, but when I go to launch the application (Integration suite), I receive the following error :

    "Looks like you do not have access to the requested page.
    Please check if a relevant role is assigned to your user by referring the help documentation."

    Note, to launch the application I click on my trial subaccount, subscribe to the service (Integration suite) and click on Go to Application

  • Hello Gautham,

    last Thursday I lost ability to add new Integration Flow on my trial account. In result, after many attempts, I have deleted trial and started to created new trial account from the scratch. Unfortunately, siince then, I am unable to activate capability 'Cloud Integration' - it simply hangs on 0% for hours. The others are activated with no problems. I have tried the same route few times with no success. Also, wrote an email to support, but got no response. Thanks for your help!

  • Dear All,

    Thank you for your feedback on the Integration Suite trial. The adoption and responses have been overwhelming - thank you so much for that.

    Based on your feedback, we have made some updates. Please check if your issues are resolved. If not, please get back to us and we will further investigate to provide a resolution as soon as possible.

    Best Regards, Gautham


  • Hi Gautham,

    Thanks for the detailed blog.

    I am actually trying to add applications by clicking Go To Applications under the suite but its throwing an authorization error.

    "Looks like you do not have access to the requested page" It would be appreciated if you can assist on this.




  • Hi Gautham,


    I'm facing issue when save and deploy iflow by trial account. Could you please help me check.

    Global account : 01a47694trial



    Error updating configuration

    Thanks for your help,


  • /
  • Hello Gautham, ,

    Thanks for clarification. I do face some issue in accessing cloud integration. The cloud integration tenant keeps buffering and buffering for long. But I was able to access other services for which i have subscribed ( open connectors, APIM, IA).

    I have also registered this concern by writing to with all the aforementioned details included. can you help me on this !

    P User ID: P2000237933