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Creating a Pocket Baseline using Python

Hello All,


As a Basis administrator we often have to manage a huge list of servers, and most of the time we rely on excel sheets to get the hostnames, IP addresses, or SIDs. For me it used to take a lot of time, opening the excel sheet, searching for the SID, copying the IP address, then logging to OS level.

I recently started to learn python and thought of creating an application, which reads the server details from the excel file and login to the server with just one click.

Created a very simple application written in Python using Tkinter module, calling this as Pocket Baseline for time being ;P .Basically, this application reads the server details from the CSV files and display them on the screen.  Hence this is also a small sized search engine of your server inventory and searches the server details based on SID or Hostname or even IP address. This is the link to the very basic version where putty is integrated.

Another thing which is incorporated is to search of Java URLs and launch them from your favorite web browser.


How to launch?

If python is already installed, we can launch the app from the command prompt as below.

If python is not installed, the program is compiled as single exe, and we can launch via Pocket.exe



Launching Via putty:

Searching with hostname

Searching with IP:


Launching via putty:

Not only putty based on the selected radio button, we can also launch MobaXterm, or RDP or even SAPGUI. (Link Beow)


Note: Everytime we switch between putty,moba or gui radio buttons press enter in selection search box.

Launching Java Url:

We can search the URL with SID and launch if from any of the browsers. By default, it is set to chrome.

The complete code and how to use the application is @ link.


Pocket Baseline is very simple application, written with very basic coding in python, which servers as application launcher as well as search engine.

PS:I am relatively new to Python. Any corrections, suggestions or feedback are very much appreciated.


Best Regards,

Aravind M.

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      Author's profile photo Arjun Raj
      Arjun Raj

      Extremly good and handy tool. Looks cool ?