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Partial Pick Cancellation from One Handling Unit

More often than not, it is required to cancel only partial quantity of a product from a handling unit as HU may contain many line items. The single heterogeneous(Mixed) HU contains many products, only preferred product needs to be cancelled from HU with partial quantities.

This blog will explain how to cancel a partial quantity of an HU only if multiple stocks are packed into an HU.


Below delivery which 3 line items are picked and packed in one HU.



HU details


Now, if we try to cancel partial quantity  from this HU directly from Cancel picking, system does now allow .

Suppose if we intend to pick quantities partially from this HU, we need repack those in a new HU


This can be done by creating a New shipping Handling Unit. A new HU 8001000258 is created from RFUI


Repack the products into new HU.


The partial quantities are packed in new HU.


Now, conduct pick cancellation on this HU.8001000258


The delivery status changed to partially started on partial pick cancellation inflicted on HU.


Now, conduct the process code to reduce the quantity to reset the delivery status as Completed.


This way partial quantity can be cancelled from HU without conducting cancellation of whole HU which may contain many items.

Note:SAP also recommends this process as this can be conspicuous from site mentioning the same process for partial pick cancellation.

All testing is conducted in S/4 HANA embedded system.


Thanks & Regards

Shailesh Mishra

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      Author's profile photo Marek Kamiński
      Marek Kamiński


      Great blog! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I have had situations where HU had several items and for which there was a need for partial cancellation. We always did the cancellation for whole handling units, and after the cancellation and reducing of stock, we were picking the items again to the same delivery 😉 (except the item which supposed to be cancelled). So, the picking was performing twice (in the system). Only after that, we had one item with status "not picked" for which we were using the process code 😉  This method wasn't necessarily correct and wasn't nice.

      Your method is more friendly and clear!

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo shailesh mishra
      shailesh mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Marek. Yes, it is good solution, instead of cancelling whole HU items, only preferred line items with partial quantity can be cancelled. Currently where I am working, the warehouse operators pick around 20 line items in WO, as per WOCR. They build 1 HU for this. Sometimes, they conduct wrong picking as pick slip quantity and Actual bin quantity does not match because of stock unavailability in that partucular bin. They miss to use exception code BIDP or BIDF during picking through RF and latter come to me to correct the picking as bin does not have the correct stock.

      Cancelling 20 line items was a challenge for me, then I found this solution and replicated in test system and it worked perfectly. Beauty of this solution is the status of delivery is updated correctly and that is most important in picking process.


      Author's profile photo Marek Kamiński
      Marek Kamiński

      Thanks for your reply! I have the same problem in my job 😉 We have got even 15-20 items in single WHO, and very often the employees forget using of excepction code during the picking. After that I have the same situation as you: they come to me..and ... you already know the rest of the story 🙂

      Thank you once again for your solution. It will make my life easier 😉


      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Ritesh Dube
      Ritesh Dube

      shailesh mishra,

      Thank you for sharing it. Will wait for few more.