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From RPA Enthusiast to SAP Intelligent RPA Champion – Priya’s Story

This blog post is part of SAP Intelligent RPA Champions-Regional Champions.

What’s your experience or general idea of RPA and SAP Intelligent RPA.

RPA has been the buzz word in the technology space in recent times. Little did I know that it was going to draw passion from me. But having gotten introduced to the technology, it excited me a lot, seeing the immense potential it had in automating tasks & processes across almost all areas while helping us reduce effort on redundant tasks and increasing productivity.

SAP Intelligent RPA provides a versatile platform to develop and deploy BOTS.It’s a great learning opportunity for technical enthusiasts to leverage SAP Intelligent RPA and develop BOTS to automate business processes across industries. While SAP Intelligent Bot Store is a home for a plethora of pre-built bots that are readily available for customers to transform into Intelligent Enterprises seamlessly.

Additionally, SAP Intelligent RPA has the roadmap (Next Level of SAP Intelligent RPA) of moving the development platform to Cloud, which excites me the most and I greatly look forward to it.

Success story

RPA in itself is a great technological advancement, additionally, the integration with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provides solutions beyond our imagination. It gets me thinking about the disruptive changes that this could bring in, in the near future.

Having known the value that integrated solutions can bring to our customers, I have taken up SAP RPA Tutorial Challenge as an opportunity to develop a prototype on Integrating SAP CAI and SAP Intelligent RPA.

This use case was not only a great learning experience but also an eye-opener to possibilities which furthered my interest in SAP Intelligent RPA. It was well-received and recognized by fellow SAP Intelligent RPA Enthusiasts community members, and I stood 3rd position in the challenge.

Watch my SAP Community Call on Integrating SAP Conversational AI and SAP Intelligent RPA on August 10th.

Existing asset and Customer Testimonials.

On a weekly basis, the Sales Operation team had the task of checking huge reports, compare between reports, and based on the same, send reminder emails to all regional Sales Representatives to keep their deals up to date.Another dedicated set of mails were to be sent to Managers of Sales Representatives consolidating the individual reporting sales reports.

This was a mundane task to the Sales Operation team.                                                                    Our team had developed a BOT to simplify the life of the Sales Operations Support team by performing all the above tasks.

What Customer says:

“My responsibilities took a longer time to complete. With the BOT  the Development team has built, I am able to accomplish the same duties in 45-60 minutes! I believe the future of IRPA is bright. From my outside perspective, looking in, I see many uses for the technology. I’ve been involved with IRPA and their Dev team for about 8-9 months. If the technology/use cases keep advancing and the team stays as diligent as they already are, I see great things ahead!”

 Introduce the latest customer project.

I was recently involved in a use case for CRM, where we have used RPA to check the data quality of thousands of prospects.

There are certain sales processes that are planned to be integrated with Outreach (3rd party cloud application). New Prospects created in Outreach were to be linked with existing SAP CRM accounts.

The goal of this project was to eliminate orphaned prospects that are not associated with accounts in Outreach. Orphaned prospects are “dirty” data based on best practices, hence such data needs to be enriched to match the accounts. SAP Intelligent RPA BOT is required to eliminate the Orphaned Prospects. Without having API access to Outreach, BOT was used for master data maintenance to ensure that Accounts are properly linked with Orphaned prospects in Outreach.


I always believe that Knowledge Shared = Knowledge2 when minds come together. Hence, I share my knowledge by contributing through blogs and enabling colleagues in SAP Intelligent RPA through trainings.

SAP Intelligent RPA started as an interest to me, it became a passion when I realized what SAP Intelligent RPA is capable of and it’s potential in the future of Intelligent Enterprise.

I am motivated, seeing the innumerable number of use cases that keep coming up and being able to contribute back to the community to further develop and leverage this wonderful technology, which has further brought me into becoming SAP Intelligent RPA Champion.

My special thanks to SAP Intelligent RPA Adoption and Community team, who were a huge part of my success journey by introducing innovative events and inspiring employees like me to learn and promote SAP Intelligent RPA.

My learning and thirst for SAP Intelligent RPA continues!

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      Author's profile photo Vijay Sharma
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      Author's profile photo Chaitanya Priya Puvvada
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