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APM(ProducerPro) API Sync to SAP Commissions – Part 1

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The purpose of this article is to demonstrate and explain how Integration between Agent Performance Management(Producer Pro) to SAP Commissions is through Sync process which syncs the Producer related data to Commissions via the Commissions API(Rest API v2) with Auto scheduler.


Note ⚠️ :The process is a one way sync from APM to Commissions and not from Commissions to APM.

Part 1 : Enable Sync and Setup API endpoints for Commission Sync


  • ⚙️ APM Admin user should enable Sync Option and Configuration Settings
  • ⚙️ SAP Commission User must have Admin role to setup Sync (Assign Role)
  • ⚙️ RestAPI role should be assigned to user created from Commission – User Administration
  • ⚙️ APM to Commissions Sync must be enabled in the Global Features section in Producer Manager
  • ⚙️ In Channel Management,  Objects in Contract Type, Status Code should be created       through RestAPI endpoints.

How to enable Sync ?

Before you can get started you need to ensure the Producer Manager to Commissions Sync has been enabled.

Go to Administrator > Configuration > Global Features

Enable checkbox for Sync


Click Save to complete the enabling process and you will see it later with Sync

Setup Sync (API Endpoint Configuration )

Navigate to Administrator → Sync → Sync Target Search. Click + to create a new Sync Target.

New form will be displayed to fill out the following fields:

SyncTargetId: <ANY thing you can enter>
SyncTargetName: <ANY Name to identify the running process >
SyncTargetType:  Commissions
RetryAttempts: Defaults to 0. The value 0 indicates the sync will only try to sync an audit record once with no retries on failure. Indicate a value greater than 0 if you want Producer Manager Sync to retry a failed sync record for a specific number of retries.
SyncTargetAuthEndPoint: The authentication endpoint URL for the Commissions region.
SyncTargetEndPoint: The end point URL for the Commissions region.
SyncTargetUserId: The Commissions API endpoint UserID
SyncTargetPwd: The Commissions API endpoint password.
SyncTargetAuthUserId: The Commissions Auth end point UserID.
SyncTargetAuthPwd: The Commissions Auth endpoint password
ReferenceRetryAttempts: -1 is the default value which means the process will indefinitely try to resync the reference failures until something is syncing newly. If the user wants to restrict the number of retries, they can specify the value here


The Sync Target Detail has two sets of servers that you need to fill out



The fields SyncTargetUserId & SyncTargetAuth UserId may have different values based upon how the server is setup.

The value of SyncTargetEntity.SyncTargetEntity should be the name of the API end point as defined in the Commissions API documentation

Once the required details above have been entered, click Save button. Once the form has been saved, click the Test button. This will validate that the detail entered are correct. If the test connection fails troubleshoot that the end point URLs are correct and that the UserID’s and passwords are correct.

 Coming Next – Part 2 

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