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Analytics Virtual Forum Data to Output – A customer viewpoint

Wow!  Just wow.  I only caught a couple of the keynotes but they were amazing.  I’d like to share some of the notes I took.  Not all of them just the highlights:

Guy Kawasaki – The Art of Innovation and Data-Driven Enterprises:

He gave a great example of Ice and jumping the curve.  Each change was jumping the curve:

  • ICE 1.0 People went to a frozen pond and cut the ice
  • ICE 2.0 There were ice factories anyone in the world could get the ICE during any season
  • ICE 3.0 Next came the Freezer.  It’s your own personal ice factory

He had other examples as well, but this was the one that stuck with me.  So that got me thinking about my work environment and how to change the way I did things to jump curves.  Could that kind of move help my company?  Maybe, probably, I think so.  We’ll see in the months to come.  Changes right now are hard as every business is being hit hard in profitability.  It might be simply biding my time and thinking things through that will help me.

Another highlight:

Ask the question therefore what?

Use data to help you out.   trending, market, the internet, and many other data points.

This lead to data is your super power.  What?  Data is my super power. MMmmmm…  So yes maybe it is.  With all the insights it can give me.  It can, to a point, predict the future.  Wouldn’t that be a huge advantage?

Now he went through 11 key points.  You’ll have to watch the video to see them all.  All of them were really good.  I think there is something in there for everyone.  From the lowest in the ladder all the way to the top.

Guy Kawasaki and Gerrit Kazmaier –  How Can SAP  Help Drive the VALUE Chain with SAP Data and Analytics

First, yes SAP jumped the curve.  They knew that data needed to be quickly accessed.  So they built (10 years ago) this database called HANA.  It would make near real-time data possible.

Trivia question:  Did you know running on HANA made processing 260 times faster than older databases.

So now for some things that stuck with me.

There is a single place that will pull the data from all of the other systems you have on-line.  Cool, but I believe we already have that.  HA!  You might.  It also may not be doing the greatest job.

SAP touches 77% of all the world transactions.  Why?  Because they understand processes, the value of a digital footprint in the global economy, and they allow customers to understand why.

So moving back to my company.  How can that help me?  What could we do better?  Well I do know not all of our internal customers understand “why”.  I can easily make that happen now.

There are four key points that he brought up as what you need to use your data as a super power.  But will I tell you?  No.  I’ll let you watch that video.

Matt Zenus on the HANA cloud:

This was a session that I got to ask all the questions.

People would send the questions in and at the end of the presentation I would answer them.   The presentation did include a DEMO.  Very nice.  I did learn that, yes, you can keep and leverage your HANA on-prem system.  Good deal because that was quite an investment.

So I didn’t get to enjoy watching it as much.  I’ll have to watch the video.   Nerves, nerves always get in the way.  Anyway the main focus was HANA on the cloud and pulling in all the databases.  It was stressed that there are many different places to get help with it.   I’ll share them at the end.  Yes, I did say the SAP Community as well.  You all have some great stories as well.

This one was well worth watching.

What am I doing?

So what am I doing is presenting the questions and I am the last voice you’ll hear.   It was hard because as usual, we didn’t get to all the questions.  Be kind, it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this.  Present – yes no problem.  This was different I got to go behind the scenes.  There is a lot going on back there.

Yes, I am also one of your SAP Champions.  That is a lot of fun as well.  Always feel free to reach out to me for about anything.  If I don’t know the answer I send you to someone else. 😉

Here are some references for you:

Q: Are customers using HANA Cloud?
A: Yes. Listen to Geberit describe their hybrid cloud use case in this podcast.

Q: Where can I find out more about SAP HANA use cases?
A: For specific data recipes check out our Data Chef cookbooks

Q: Where can I start learning in detail about HANA Cloud?
A: Experience SAP HANA Cloud: Link | Trial Mission l Link | Trial Learning Tracks l Link

Q: Where can I get a roadmap?  You have to have a support ID to get to this one.
A: Road Map information


Excellent first day.  Today I’ll be busy as the track, CIO and IT Manager,  I’m working with has more sessions.

Enable Agile Digital Transformation by Extending You S/4 HANA Applications – a customer Peter Chen

How Hybrid Transaction/Analytics Processing Can help Simplify Your Data Landscape – Jim Giffin

Innovate Sustainable Agriculture with Spatial Insights and Machine Learning – This one is given by a customer – Horacio Balussio

Mercy, Intel and SAP Work Together for Patient Care During Covid-19 by a customer  Curtis Dudley and an Intel representative Amy Doescher

Don’t forget:

After the summit, a community call.  Come and join us!

Comments – please:

If you were there, what was your favorite session?  What would you recommend to someone? Please leave a comment.

Today will be another awesome day!

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Nice work, Michelle

      I am really looking forward to Chef Jen Barney's session today.  I am not an expert baker, but I sure like to watch great food being made/baked, and get some tips.  The only danger is when I try to make it myself....

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo
      Blog Post Author

      You have time to cook?  Amazing.  You do half a million things at once.  😉  Yes, I am looking forward to that as well.