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Upgrade Today — SAP Information Steward has a new UI5 User Interface


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Exciting news, with SAP Information Steward 4.2 SP14 the user interface has been re-written in UI5.  SAP Information Steward was originally written in Adobe Flash, which has now been removed.  Adobe Flash has critical security vulnerabilities and Adobe has stated they will no longer support after December 31st, 2020.  Web browsers have started to disable the Adobe Flash plugin.  However, users may enable Flash through browser configuration settings.  After December 31st, web browsers will block Flash, which means SAP Information Steward versions prior to 4.2 SP14 will no longer run.


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With SAP Information Steward 4.2 SP14 users no longer need to use the Flash plug-in, except if you are using Information Steward’s Custom Report or Match Review functionality, both will be re-written in UI5 in the September 2020’s SP14 patch release.


UI5 Impact Analysis

With Adobe Flash security concerns and web browsers blocking Adobe Flash plug-ins we recommend you upgrade and run with SAP Information Steward 4.2 SP14. So, take that next essential step and upgrade to SAP Information Steward 4.2 SP14 today!! Protect your data assets and check out our new refreshed UI5 interface.  For more details review SAP Information Steward’s Upgrade Guide.


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SAP Information Steward is best-in-class data stewardship software providing data profiling, metadata management, and information policy management capabilities. SAP Information Steward is designed and can benefit any user allowing them, to understand and track data quality for any application. Information Steward is a single environment that empowers users to discover, define, monitor, and ultimately work towards improving the quality of their data assets, to drive information management and information governance initiatives across the enterprise. Information Steward provides information transparency, giving instant visibility into the quality levels of your organizational data. SAP Information Steward allows you to easily monitor, analyze, and improve data integrity. Gain continuous insight into the quality of your enterprise information. Understand the impact of data quality on your processes and enhance your operational, analytical, and data governance initiatives.  For more information about SAP Information Steward check out this link:

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