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SAC Currency Conversion

Currency conversion is an integral part of SAC Analysis and Planning.Currency conversion facilitates comparison among countries and enables consolidation of financial data from locations that use different currencies.

For example, an organization that analyzes profitability data from USA, reported in US Dollars, and from Japan, reported in Yen. Comparing local currency profitability figures would be meaningless. To understand the relative contribution of each country, you must convert USD into Yen, Yen into USD, or both into another currency.

Another example, reporting total profitability for North America requires standardization of the local currency values that constitute the North America total. Assuming that the U.S., Mexico, and Canada consolidate into Total North America, the profitability total is meaningless if data is kept in local currencies. The Total North America sum is meaningful only if local currencies are converted to a common currency before consolidation.

In this blog we will see how we can convert the currency using Cross Calculations in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • Currency table or Dimension is maintained with all the needed conversions and used in the model (See the below snip)
  • Model has a dimension with Currency as a property


  • Initial report with USD as default currency


  • Select Cross calculations in the Columns and select Add Calculation

  • Maintain the Name and Select Currency conversion from the Type Drop down



  • In the Calculation Editor maintain the details Currency and Category

Note: In this example, we are considering Currency as AUD (Aus Dollar) and Category as Dynamic

Category is useful when we need to maintain Conversion for Budget/Forecast/Rolling forecast etc..

  • Follow the same steps to create currency conversion for Euro

Now we have created currency conversion for Euro and AUD


  • Create an Input control for user to select the currencies
  • Select the required currencies for our analysis


  • Rename the Input control to Currency conversion (Not mandatory)


  • In the Filter pane Select Currency conversion from the Available members

  • Now your Currency conversion is ready . Based on your selection the currencies will display.

Conclusion: Using cross calculations, we have converted the values from one currency to different currencies. In most of our assignments this conversion plays an important role.

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