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SAP Smart or Laziness Module and this is Available in both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA


After working in SAP for some time and being born and brought up in India and raised in a Catholic school we always had these following values.

  • Respect your Elders no matter how wrong they were.
  • Teacher is your next parents so if you get punishment from your Teacher you will probably get some more in the house.
  • Wait for your turn and do not complain.
  • Never asked why we should do


Why I am saying this?

Things have changed and I think some of the above views are not considered important.

The last point is heavily emphasized which brings to this SAP Smart Module

Never asked why we should do


Common why’s in SAP are?

  • Why SAP is so Complex?
  • Why SAP is in German?
  • Why the Screen is Blue?
  • Why there are so many ways for doing the same thing?
  • Why it is so Clicky?

CLICKY means you must Click and since you are Lazy you do not wish to do that. This was my point of View in 2012. In 2013 I met one of the hardest working people I have worked with and she changed my Point of View. Now you must be thinking Hardest person and wants less clicks. Am I crazy?

Hardworking person can be divided into 2 types.

  • One who just does the work thinking that there should not be a better solution.
  • The others are hardworking but they always think there is a better way to do this job and that’s always TRUE and if there is not they start innovating or initiates an Innovation.



If you are thoughtful you will sit in their chair and evaluate your delivered solution. SAP came with the term EMPATHY but very few people think about when implementing. Empathy is all about the below Point of view


What Is New Point of View?

  • Finding a Hardworking person is very hard to find by. You might have 25-30% of your workforce like that. Think about the rest.
  • If SAP provides a Solution which has 5 clicks then there are 5 Chances of  making Mistakes.
  • 5 Chances of involving the Hard-Working Person who is already burning the Candles.
  • 5 chances of cleaning up the mess they could have made.
  • Think about clicks as Manual car Gear Change.
  • If car can have Automatic Gear Change why SAP cannot. Now we have self-driven Car 🙂
  • For now, every Enhancement/Product I built, or any Technology person built should have less Clicks.
  • At the end of the Day we want to automate for sure the Useful boring job and let the Business handle the important useful job.
  • This might create Job losses as well as new Job Opportunities. Remember Economy or Money is constant it just changes hands.



Fun Comics




Why Companies shoot for doing this?

  • Less Clicks means less work less people more Savings. Everything ends up with MONEY
  • Less Clicks means Less issues
  • Less Clicks means Smartness
  • Less Clicks means more Automation
  • Less Clicks means more Time with Family
  • Less Clicks means less Meetings
  • Less Clicks means more TV Time
  • Less Clicks means more Sleep
  • Less Clicks means less Blames







We have a Program Name RSSOLAZY ?






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      Author's profile photo Matthew Billingham
      Matthew Billingham

      Fewer clicks. ?

      • Why SAP is so Complex?

      It isn’t. It’s just big.

      • Why SAP is in German?

      Because it was written initially by Germans.

      • Why the Screen is Blue?

      Rayleigh scattering. Oh.. sorry.

      Well, at first it was red. But then someone said that when they see a red screen, they want it painted black. The developers got a bit sad about this, so blue was chosen to reflect their mood. 

      • Why there are so many ways for doing the same thing?

      So many standards to choose from. What’s not to like?

      • Why it is so Clicky?

      If managers can’t hear clicks, they assume you’re not working. Germany has very strong labour laws, so software designers have to make it sound like workers are busy at it, even if they’re not.




      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Common why’s in SAP are?

      • Why SAP is so Complex?

      Many customers use the platform.  Each customer usually uses a different flavor of SAP.  That's what's so cool about it.  Within the last ten-ish years a lot of different programming languages are available.   Making it even harder to keep up with.  But a lot of fun!

      Think about the global regions that do things differently.  SAP covers that.  It has a lot of built in functionality.  You just have to dig a bit to find it.

      Another fun point - how many developers have written the code in SAP?  I don't even want to guess.  But I am guessing, in general you would not program like the person  setting next to you.

      • Why SAP is in German?

      Well, not all of it is in German.  More and more programs have comments in English.  And yes, it was originally all written in German.

      • Why the Screen is Blue?

      Not touching this question.  You could ask why the sky is blue...  I'm joking of course.  I have no idea why they decided on blue.  But you can change the color in GUI if you go into you configuration settings.  I did that to remind me when I was on Production  - I had it be a reddish color.

      • Why there are so many ways for doing the same thing?

      To make it easier for your company to do things different than my company.

      • Why it is so Clicky?

      To drive us all crazy.   Move from the key board to the mouse.  To the keyboard.  Anyway, if you write code using Eclipse, you can have a list of shortcuts beside you.

      Author's profile photo Axel James
      Axel James

      you have done a amazing job specially with putting those pictures you withdrew the attention