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Do corporations benefit from active social media accounts?

The power of social media is no longer questionable. According to a brief look at the statistics:


  • 4.5 billion people have some sort of social media presence.
  • The social media user base grows 9.2% every year.
  • Over half of all social media users use their social media platforms to interact with brands before making a purchase.

Individuals and businesses across the world have found significant benefits from social media use. This includes major corporations and even those that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with generating a ton of business from their social media use. As such, here’s a look at how corporations benefit from an active presence on social media.


Brand Awareness


Building brand awareness is critical for major corporations, and indeed, this is one of the most popular uses of social media. The nice thing about using social media for brand awareness is that it isn’t hard: It just requires the creation and use of good content and high-quality interactions with customers and fans. All you really need is a consistent message, a good graphic designer, and a social media professional with a good personality.


Sometimes, building brand awareness can get complicated, as an organization may have to rely on multiple social media distribution channels. Sports social media is a great example of this, as sports organizations have to rely on multiple platforms in order to get their message out, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. That’s why so many of these organizations use a content distribution program that helps them centralize their publishing into one platform.


Talent Recruitment


These days, talent recruitment has become even harder. That’s where social media comes in: It can help create a positive image of a company and ultimately attract high-level talent.


One of the nice things about building brand awareness is that it naturally does just this. Millennials who are in the workforce care about more than a paycheck: They are passionate about a company’s values and the work-life balance that this company may offer. As such, a good corporation can use social media with this in mind, highlighting the various positive aspects of a company that will make key demographics more likely to want to go and work for them when there is a job opening.


Direct Sales


Social media, of course, can be used by corporations to help make sales. There’s a balancing act here: No social media account can afford to be viewed as “too salesy,” and that’s why corporate social media accounts must rely primarily on non-sales oriented content. However, good sales content can be used from time to time, highlighting how corporations’ products or services can be useful in their customer’s lives.


Each organization must figure out their own limitations and restrictions on social media content. However, it seems clear that the vast majority of the content must be oriented towards less direct sales goals. Sales-oriented content should highlight how a product can serve someone else’s life and benefit them.


Not only is the power of social media undeniable, but so is its potential ability to help brands grow and make more money.

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