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SAP S/4 HANA has Standard Webservice related to Standard BAPI


Every SAP Customers are using a lot of Satellite system hence Integration is very Important. SAP has understood this demand and hence in SAP S/4 HANA we have Standard Webservice related to some BAPIs also. Hence the Technical Consultant will not have build custom Webservice for the Requirements.



How to Find the Standard Webservice.

Go to Transaction Code SE84

Select Enterprise Services–>Service Definitions and Search with BAPI*

Wala we got the list




We can use the above solution to find other Standard Webservice Ready to be used.


For Video Version check below.



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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Yes, these web services do exist but so what? What value do they actually add for the customers?

      The introduction to the blog makes it seem as if due to the goodness of their heart SAP caved in to the customer demands and created these web services. I rather doubt that’s the story here.

      These are SOAP web services, SOA architecture and Enterprise Services was all the rage 10+ years ago. I’m not sure why SAP generated these in 2015 (?) but since they all belong to some FI Payroll package, I’m guessing it was for internal purposes or for some odd interface. (Which also explains why there are only 25 services on the list while there are hundreds of BAPIs in SAP.)

      It takes only a minute to generate a web service from an RFC enabled function module, including BAPI. It’s not an achievement and no one has to wait for SAP to do that. At this point though, it just wouldn’t make any sense to do that since technology evolved already. There are now OData services (which can also be easily generated for an FM but it is not recommended), CDS views, BOPF, etc.

      If an SAP customer is running an S/4 system and are looking for standard web services then they should check SAP API Business Hub, not SE84.

      Please consider doing a little more research before posting, going forward.

      Thank you.

      P.S. Edit: this blog is assigned about 10 tags. From what I see, it has nothing to do with more than half of them (Ariba? why?). Kindly show some consideration for the readers and use only the appropriate tags.

      Author's profile photo arghadip kar
      arghadip kar
      Blog Post Author

      If something is available standard it is always best. Creating Custom is not the way to go and I think while doing Consulting you should be knowing that. Have you worked with Ariba? Ariba uses Webservice and webservice is still used by most companies which are running ECC.



      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Please use Reply button to respond to the comments (like I'm doing here), otherwise the other person is not notified of the reply.

      It's a good practice to use SAP standard and avoid reinventing the wheel.But it doesn't mean when something is created by SAP it's automatically always the best thing to use. That's just nonsense. Due to backwards compatibility, hardly anything is ever removed from SAP. So, even in an S/4 system you'd have, for example, SAPScripts, Smart Forms, and Adobe forms. These are all standard, aren't they? But only one of them has any future. What the SAP consultants should know is when to use what. Only an inexperienced person would just repeat "standard is the best" mindlessly. We always need to look at the specific use cases.

      Again, if only you've done just a little more research for the blog, you could've pointed out those use cases and added more value to the readers. Anyone can just search in repository browser, it's not some revelation.

      Ariba uses Webservice and webservice is still used by most companies which are running ECC.

      Both SOAP and OData (REST) services are used in SAP Ariba. In ECC, OData services and SAP Gateway are available since EHP6.

      Sorry, I fail to understand what does this note have to do with the blog or my comment. I wasn't saying that SOAP web services are not used at all, just pointing out that this is not some latest and greatest invention in S/4 HANA or some big deal as the blog makes it sound.

      Author's profile photo arghadip kar
      arghadip kar
      Blog Post Author

      Based on your expertise or level of knowledge it is not a big deal for People like us it is a big deal. Thanks for your comments.

      Author's profile photo Axel James
      Axel James

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