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Configure SAP Commissions in Salesforce(SFDC)

Hi All,

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate and explain how to Add SAP Commissions Web tab inside Salesforce allows Sales reps/Admin to quickly access their Dashboard/Reports/Disputes, content, and more within Salesforce.

This allows for increased access and adoption of Commissions tab as a sales incentive tool, as reps can use it without ever having to leave their CRM.

Sales Rep can get an view of Performance earnings for their opportunities/deals completed and if their is any credits/incentive is missing or not calculated in earnings , disputes can be created within the current tab and can receive/respond messages from his/her Manager for the dispute.

Salesforce Admin will start login & setup

Let’s Start to Configure (follow the numbers in order)

  1. In the top right corner of Salesforce, find and click Setup.
  2. On left side-bar find Build, and click Create.
  3. Once Create opens, click Tabs.
  4. Scroll down the page to Web Tabs and click New.
  5. Update the view details for Web tab to display
  6. Update the SAP Commissions API link in textbox ( tenant-id)

Choose tab type
=          URL,
Label =                          <your custom name>
Tab Name =                  <your custom name>
Tab Style                      can be any of the default styles, or you can create a custom style.
Frame height should be    600 pixels.

Click Next

Enter the SAP Commissions URL (Provided below)

Just copy and paste below line – change only <tenantid>


Click Save


Sample Screenshot below after you saved

Select your Salesforce Experience




Let’s see how Sales Rep login through Salesforce Classic

Note ⚠️ : After the setup is completed, every first time login screen will be prompted and from next login, it won’t be displaying.

Let’s see how Sales Rep login through Salesforce Lightning

Note ⚠️: After the setup is completed, every first time login screen will be prompted and from next login, it won’t be displaying.





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  • Hi, Thanks for the detailed steps with images. I have been trying to link both with the same steps but the login always asks for password. Ideally, it should ask for just the first time.


    Also, the URL was giving a blank page so I had to change the "CallidusPortal" in the URL to "SalesPortal".

    Did you face any issue of these kinds. Please share your experiences related to above. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi, thank you very much for your post!  Everything works exactly as specified until I try to log in for the first time to SAP Commissions from the new tab in SFDC.  I do not see the message shown in your screenshot that says "Enter your Callidus Cloud login to establish a permanent link..."  Not surprisingly, I then need to login every time I close the browser and try to re-establish a connection to commissions.

    Are there any configuration steps necessary in Commissions to enable this, or can you suggest anything else I may be doing incorrectly?

    Thanks again for your help!