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Author's profile photo Gagandeep Kaur

Learn all the tools available in support: Take the Product Support Accreditation

Do you ever find it difficult to get the answers you want from Product Support? It might be because you are not aware of all the latest FREE support offerings available. Learn about all the support offerings available to you so you can find solutions, faster!

What is the Product Support Accreditation?

The Product Support Accreditation is a program that enables you to make the best out of SAP’s product support tools and Next-Generation Support offerings. Available to all SAP Customers at no additional cost, it can be accessed via S-user login.

This was created by the experts at Product support, with the objective of creating a single program containing all the support tools customers should know about. Most importantly, it is easy to consume and interactive, so you are engaged in your learning.

“Watch this 1-minute tutorial of how to get started with the Product Support Accreditation”

How does it work?

The program consists of 3 learning modules:

  • Self-service and Incident Prevention,
  • Real-time interactions and
  • Digital Support Experience.

After you have completed all the modules and quizzes, you can take a final assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll then receive a SAP SE badge, which can be shared on social media.

We are adding new content periodically, so we encourage our customers to go over the Product Support Accreditation once a year. You won’t have to complete the content you have already been evaluated for. You can take just the new content and take the final assessment. Once this process is complete, you will receive the new badge for the current year.

Benefits of this program:

  • Informative: It gives you the opportunity to access all the Product Support Offerings in one shot.
  • Efficient: You become more efficient since you know where and how to answer your questions more quickly.
  • Rewarding: After spending an hour or so completing the program, you will receive this badge which you can share in social media and a certificate.

How do I access the Accreditation?

There are 3 ways to access the Product Support Accreditation:

  1. Using the easy access link:
  2. Through the SAP Support Portal under the Welcome Center section

     3. Through “My Support” in the SAP Support Portal

How it looks

Once you are in the Product Support Accreditation, you will find a list of your benefits and a how-to video which explains the whole step-by-step process. Then, you can click on any module to start. The progress bar will show your advancements through the program. Once you reach 100%, the badge will change colors to indicate that the module is completed. You can switch between modules and your progress will be stored. The Accreditation can be taken at your own pace.

Here are the topics covered in each of the 3 modules. A check box next to each sub-module will indicate your progress. You can take them in any order. You can see how the badges change colors once each module is complete.

A certificate of completion and badge? (Show it off!)

Once the final assessment has been successfully completed, you receive a certificate of completion and the SAP SE Acclaim team will send a digital badge that can be easily shared on social media. This badge will be good for one year. Show and tell your friends and colleagues!


Finally, subscribe for annual updates. It is suggested that users subscribe so they can be update to date when new content gets added. They will have to cover the new content and retake the assessment.

Share on Social Media:

Show off your badge on social media so your colleagues and friends know the support pro you are!


Interested in learning more?


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      Author's profile photo sachin pachauri
      sachin pachauri

      Thanks Gagandeep!!

      I have completed my program but I cant see badge in my Acclaim account.

      Any idea how many days it will take to reflect the badge?


      Author's profile photo Gagandeep Kaur
      Gagandeep Kaur
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sachin,

      Thank you for taking the Accreditation.

      Badges are issued within a week of the completion date.

      If its been more than a week please send us an email on



      Author's profile photo Prakash Tripathi
      Prakash Tripathi

      same here i don't get badges.

      Author's profile photo Bernhard Luecke
      Bernhard Luecke

      A fantastic way to get much more out of SAP Support!

      Author's profile photo Debjit Singha
      Debjit Singha
      Hoping if you can help answering below questions.
      I am using a universal ID (consisting of 3 S user ID’s and one P user ID). Seems like I need to use one of the S user ID to access Product Support Accreditation page. Can you confirm if the badges are allocated and available via universal ID and not just to S-ID.
      The Reason I am asking, my S-ID may change in the future, though my universal ID and P-ID will remain the same. SAP Community is linked with universal ID as well. So I wanted to know how course completion badges will roll down to community profile (if I use S-ID).  



      Author's profile photo Bernhard Luecke
      Bernhard Luecke

      Hi Debjit,

      I am afraid yes, but let me follow up internally. I think the Accreditation is linked to a specific s-user (still).



      Author's profile photo Debjit Singha
      Debjit Singha

      Thanks Bernhard.
      would be nice if it is possible to sync multiple S-ID’s. Say use one S-ID to complete this and then completion status sync to all S-ID’s under universal ID




      Author's profile photo Gagandeep Kaur
      Gagandeep Kaur
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Debjit,

      Thank you for the feedback & your question.

      Yes, at the moment you have to select one S-user account.

      Universal ID is to tag all your accounts together, but while logging in you have to select which account to work with.

      We are working on some options to incorporate the changes with Universal ID.


      Gagan Kaur


      Author's profile photo Prakash Tripathi
      Prakash Tripathi

      I have completed my program also get certificate but I cant see badge in my account.






      Author's profile photo Gagandeep Kaur
      Gagandeep Kaur
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nikunj,

      The SAP Acclaim badge is issued within a week of completing the Product Support Accreditation, you should get it this week.

      You will get an email to claim it.

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Jarosław Bartoszuk
      Jarosław Bartoszuk

      I've got feedback regarding the generated certificate.
      Please consider changing the text formatting of user names, because having a question mark in it is not really professional 😅

      On SAP ONE Support Launchpad (User Profile page) my first name is correctly converted to 'Jaroslaw', so I'd assume the same should be applied for the certificate.

      But in general - I really appreciate the course.
      A quick and efficient way to get the basic level of knowledge on how and where to look for help.


      Author's profile photo Giancarlo Moyoli
      Giancarlo Moyoli


      I have the accreditation of 2020 and 2021... how can I obtain the badge for 2022? When I access to official link it shows me completed assesment.


      Author's profile photo Nick Goshorn
      Nick Goshorn

      Hello Giancarlo,

      For 2022, we did not reset course progress since there were no major content updates.  But there is a 2022 badge available.  If you would like to obtain it you may take the steps listed below.

      NOTE:  This will reset all quiz and assessment progress to 0%, and you would need to complete all quizzes and the assessment again.  This reset will not affect any of your previous digital badges received.

      1.   Once logged in to Product Support Accreditation page, from top right dropdown menu, select 'Delete Profile'
      2.   Once profile is deleted, return to the Product Support Accreditation page again and login.
      3.   From top right menu, select Subscribe.
      4.   Complete the module quizzes and assessment again.

      This would trigger the 2022 digital badge creation for you.

      Please let us know if you have any questions.

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Giancarlo Moyoli
      Giancarlo Moyoli

      Thanks for your suggest Nick,

      I reset profile and taken all modules and the assestment again; despite this i received the new certificated but no the badge :/

      Note that the suscribe is on.

      If you have any comment about this I'm waiting for it.


      Author's profile photo Michaela Stichler
      Michaela Stichler


      product support is now also part of SAP for me. Will you update the product support accreditation learning content with this new information?

      Thanks for your support.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Eanna Kennedy
      Eanna Kennedy

      Hello Michaela,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      SAP for Me will definitely be included in the Product Support Accreditation.  We are currently working on the content and it will be included in Early 2023.

      In the meantime should you want more information on SAP for Me we have continuous webcasts that you can sign up to at

      In the above link we have a section called 'Library - Previously Recorded Support Webcasts'.  Here you can find webcasts on SAP for Me in seven different languages.