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Handle dynamic paging for OData Services using Looping Process call


This scenario was a result of a query raised by one of our community colleagues regarding handling paging dynamically, so I thought of putting it into a short blog post.

Business Requirement:

Customer wants to make a generic API design which could cater to any one of the below requirements:

  • Dynamically fetch records from OData service/entity.
  • Setting Dynamic call back URL.
  • Setting  the page-size dynamically.



I am going to fetch customer details from a available Northwind ODATA service.

In order to achieve this I am fetching the pagesize, Serivce URL/Query and Push back URL dynamically from the request payload.

I am using below tools & services:

  • Cloud Platform Integration
  • Postman or any ThirdParty-Client tool to push the request.
  • OData service{ Northwind services }
  • Webhook or any service which could receive data.

Create Integration flow in SAP Cloud Platform Integration:



 1 Content Modifier Any externalized parameters based on the requirement.


Parse the JSON request and set the properties with request parameters posted.

def body = message.getBody(java.lang.String)
def slurper = new JsonSlurper().parseText(body)

def addURL = slurper.RequestODATAURL
def topVal = slurper.DynamicPageSize
def pushBackURL = slurper.CallBackUrl
def queryFilter = slurper.QueryFilter



return message;

Request-reply call

To Fetch the total count of the records from OData Entity.

This service URL would be formed based on the request sent from the source system.$count



Set the total count variable.


String totalCount = message.getBody(java.lang.String);



return message;

Looping Process call

Make call to the local integration process to handle paging and further processing




Request Reply HTTP adapter

Fetch data from ODATA service call.




This script contains the logic to set top & skip and set the exit condition from the Looping process call.

This is one of the ways to design the logic but there could be different way’s apply the logic.

def map = message.getProperties();
def exitFlag = "false"

def topVal = map.get("topVal") 
def skipVal = map.get("skipVal")
def totalCount = map.get("totalCount")

def tempSkipVal = skipVal.toInteger() + topVal.toInteger()
if(totalCount.toInteger()/tempSkipVal < 1) 
exitFlag = "true"

skipVal = tempSkipVal.toString()

message.setProperty("skipVal", skipVal);

return message;

Request Reply- HTTP adapter

Send response to PushBack URL



Content Modifier

Set the Message to be Posted


OData Service




Using Postman I have posted the request as shown in the sample request.

Sample Request:

"RequestODATAURL" : "",
"DynamicPageSize" : "100",
"QueryFilter" : "",
"CallBackUrl" : ""

I have received below response on the web hook.

Since the page size was set to 50 and the total no of records were 91 so I had 2 post responses to the call back URL as shown above in the request catcher screen below.

If I change the page size to 100 I will get only one post response.

Sample Response:

Sample Response fetched & formatted.




So I have achieved three things using this use case:

  1. I was able to set the page-size dynamically.[“DynamicPageSize” : “100” ] I could change the page size in request payload and could notice that there is a difference in output.
  2. I could change the resource name [ Northwind.svc/Customers ]  to [ Northwind.svc/Orders ] or even I can change the API URL but have to handle the authentication internally.
  3. I could change the query parameters changing the input segment [QueryFilter ]
  4. At last could change the Call Back/ PushBack URL based on the requirement [ “CallBackUrl” : “” ]


{ SAP CPI Looping Process }

{ Use Request Catcher }


Hope this helps !

thanks and regards,

Praveen T

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      Author's profile photo Fatih Pense
      Fatih Pense

      Hello Praveen,

      Thanks for sharing this blog post! I liked the presentation format with numbers in Flow and table explaining each detail!


      Author's profile photo Praveen Tirumareddy
      Praveen Tirumareddy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Fatih Pense,

      Thank you for the comments.


      Praveen T

      Author's profile photo Sriprasad S Bhat
      Sriprasad S Bhat

      Hello Praveen,

      Thanks for the detailed blog. Keep writing more blogs!



      Author's profile photo Praveen Tirumareddy
      Praveen Tirumareddy
      Blog Post Author

      thank Sri 🙂

      Author's profile photo Vijay Kumar Kapuganti
      Vijay Kumar Kapuganti

      Hi Praveen,

      Thanks for the detailed blog, explanation is good 🙂

      Thanks and Regards,


      Author's profile photo Praveen Tirumareddy
      Praveen Tirumareddy
      Blog Post Author

      thanks Vijay 🙂

      Author's profile photo Biju M
      Biju M

      Hi Praveen,

      Thanks for the well explained & detailed blog. It helps to utilize process call in CPI to its full capability. It helped me a lot.

      Thanks and Regards,


      Author's profile photo Praveen Tirumareddy
      Praveen Tirumareddy
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Vijay, hope it answers your query 🙂

      Author's profile photo Biju M
      Biju M

      Yes, It helped to resolve our issue. Thanks Praveen

      Author's profile photo Saurabh Kabra
      Saurabh Kabra

      Very detailed and nice presentation with extremely useful use case Praveen. Thanks and Keep sharing such nice blogs.

      Author's profile photo Souvik Sinha
      Souvik Sinha

      Thanks Praveen Tirumareddy for sharing such wonderful blog with details step by step explanation. Keep blogging with this kind of interesting topic.




      Author's profile photo Rashmi Joshi
      Rashmi Joshi

      Thanks Praveen Tirumareddy , this blog helped me to understand paging concept.

      However, I am wondering the reason for using HTTP adapter instead of OData.

      Pardon me for the basic question, I am exploring CPI 🙂



      Author's profile photo Praveen Tirumareddy
      Praveen Tirumareddy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rashmi Joshi,

      There was a query raised by one of our community memeber where he explained they had an on-premise service which didnt support server based pagination. It was not an ODATA API so had to stick to http adapter.

      Hope that helps !

      thanks and regards,

      Praveen T