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SAP BW How to Create logical path name and logical file name


The objective of this blog is to provide the working instructions to perform the creation of the Logical Path name and Logical File name.

The creation of ‘Logical Path name’ and ‘Logical File name’ provides a Dynamic path and file name of the folder.

1st part: Describes the steps to create a Logical Path name.


Transaction: File

Select ‘logical file Path Definition’ then click on ‘New Entries’

Add ‘Logical File Path’ and ‘Name’ then Save

(Specify the name of the path and its description)

Select the logical path

(the logical path created during the previous step)


Double click on ‘Assignment of Physical path to Logical path’


Click on ‘New Entries’

Select the ‘Syntax group’


Assignment of physical path name to the logical path name

<SYSID> is a variable so that when the logical file path is transported to an other environment, the System ID is updated dynamically

<FILENAME> is a variable so that several files can have the same file path





2nd part: Describes the steps to create a Logical File name


Transaction: File

Double click on ‘Logical File Name Definition, Cross-Client’

Click on ‘New entries’

The following fields should be filled by the right data:

1. Logical file

2. Name

3. Physical file

4. Data format

5. Application area

6. Logical path

Note: the physical file name should not include any space.



Conclusion :

The Dynamic path and file name, are useful when the folder is used by several InfoPackages, as follows:

If the physical file’s name has been changed, we have just to update the parameter of the logical file name using the transaction ‘File’.


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