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Birth Day and Work Anniversary notification to Manger using a simple standard Tile in Success Factors.


Acknowledging any personal event is considered a healthy way to build a relationship. And especially if this comes from a manager, it is much more motivating aspect. One such acknowledgement which will keep Managers keep connected to their employees would be wishing them on their Birth Day’s and Work Anniversaries.

How can the Managers keep a note of their subordinates anniversaries? There are different ways to do this like creating a Work Flow to the Manager on their Anniversaries. One simple way is to use the Birthday and Anniversary tile which is standard tile.

Birth Day and Work Anniversary notification to Manger using a simple standard Tile

Success Factors Employee Central there is a standard Tile ‘Birth Day and Work Anniversary’ which can be enabled through the following simple steps.

Admin Center >Manage Home Page >Look for the tile Birthday/Work Anniversary and enable it.

Birthday/Work Anniversary tile  will be available under My Team as below:

The tile will display the list of employees under the Manager in My Team showing the “Upcoming employee milestones.

When we click on the tile it will show the employee names and their anniversaries upcoming days.

Few points need to consider related to Birthday and Work Anniversary tile

  • When we login/proxy as a manager this tile should display under My Team whenever the event is occurring within 5 days.
  • The sorting of the reports birthday/anniversary is based on “remainingDays”.
  • The text displayed on the birthday and anniversary tile will state for example Work Anniversary Today or Birthday in 2 days.
  • There is no functionality to control when this shows up, i.e. how many days prior to the actual date, this is hard coded to 5 days prior to the actual date.
  • No text will be displayed for any birthday or anniversary that is not within 5 days.
  • The text will be displayed for both Matrix Reports & Direct Reports.
  • If the direct/matrix report has photo, it displays correctly on the tile. Hover on the photo and you can see the full name of this person.
  • If the direct/matrix report doesn’t have photo, it will display a default photo and the name of the person on top of the tile.
  • The tile by default shows under ‘My Team’ section.
  • You can determine where the tile is shown on the Home Page via Manage Home Page > Birthday/Work Anniversary > Select Section.
  • We can remove the tile from the Home Page via Manage Home Page > Birthday/Work Anniversary > Move to > Not Used.
  • Birthday and Work Anniversary are activated in tandem. There is no functionality to activate Work Anniversary and deactivate Birthday Anniversary or vice versa.

Note: In order for the Birthday Anniversary to appear, the user must have Live Profile Personal Information in the system.

Conclusion: When the Manager notices the upcoming anniversaries within his/her My Team there will always be a chance to Wish them without missing them. So a simple Standard tile related to Birthdays and Work Day Anniversaries can be utilized without much configurations and the purpose as well served effectively.

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      Author's profile photo Antonio Ferreira Vicente
      Antonio Ferreira Vicente

      Thank you for sharing this blog!


      Author's profile photo Maria Madalina Stoica
      Maria Madalina Stoica
      Hi Raghavendra,
      How does the work anniversary is calculated?
      I am asking this because my client has the requirement that when an employee is terminated and rehired, the gap where he was out of the company should not be taken into consideration.
      Is this the case for this tile?
      Thank you!
      Author's profile photo Manoj Sethi
      Manoj Sethi

      Hi Maria,

      You can follow this KBA -




      Author's profile photo Preeti Halapnavar
      Preeti Halapnavar

      hello Raghavendra,

      term notification in the title is misleading. Looks like this feature only shows up a alert on managers home page and does not trigger any notification.


      For notifications, we need a custom solution.

      Author's profile photo Raghavendra Vijay Kumar Inguva
      Raghavendra Vijay Kumar Inguva

      Hi Preeti, Thanks for reading this and sharing your thoughts.A notification need not be always a trigger of Workflow or email.A notification can be a simple popup or something which notifies an important message.

      Author's profile photo Priyanka Solanki
      Priyanka Solanki



      the standard tile is enabled in manage home page option and a direct reportee for manager has birthday in next 2 days, however the tile is still not available in home page, is there anything on backend we need to check for this to work?

      Author's profile photo Bryan Lee-Hock-Meng
      Bryan Lee-Hock-Meng



      If employee is on a global assignment and the host profile will not have the employment details portlet. Does it means nothing will be trigger to the host manager?