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Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh

Integrate SAP Concur with SAP Analytics Cloud and Build an Analytical Story

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well, today in this blog i would show you how you can Integrate SAP Concur with SAP Analytics Cloud using Data Acquisition and develop a Analytical Story. 

Business Story

Bestrun is US Based Company who sales bikes so employee always travel for running different campaign, John is a Spend Executive who want to get deep insight into Employee’s Travel and Expense as he  feel there is something wrong and Recieves Complain from employees there expense doesnt get approved and posted. Bestrun have concur for employee’s travel and expense and It is also Integrated with SAP S/4HANA for Financial Posting and Re-imbursement. Now the Challenge is John want to see the analytics dashboard where he want to see Approved and Posted Amount and Transactional Amount based on Spend category and Total Approved, Total Claimed Amount based on Quarter for 2018,2019 and 2020.



Let’s get into Action

Well lets first understand and draw a clear picture from above Picture what exactly john is looking for  into Technical Terms, So John here is looking for a Analytics Dashboard which reads  Data  from Concur using Data Acquisition for Displaying into Storyboard. So in this Case first we need to see how we can Integrate Concur with SAP Analytics Cloud, so that we could create data model which we could consume in SAP Analytics Cloud as Analytical Dashboard Story.

From Above Diagram its very clear that in order to Integrate Concur with SAP Analytics Cloud we need to Connect Concur through Data Acquisition, then create a Data  Model and Finally Consume it in SAP Analytics Cloud Story. SAP Analytics Cloud Provides Standard Connector to connect almost every SAP line of business cloud solution and Concur is among of those. 

Lets break this into step by step

Step 1: Create Connection in SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP Concur

Login to SAP Analytics Cloud and Click on Connection

Add New Connection


Select Concur

Now Give the Connection Name and Description, for key and Secret we need to go to Concur tenant we want to connect and register a Partner application with Proper Authorization and get consumer key and secret which is required in order to create Connection.

Login to Concur As a Administrator and Go to Webservices

Click on Register Partner Application

Click on New,

Give Name, Description and Authorization as Below

Copy this Consumer key and Secret Which is required in SAP Analytics Cloud in order to create Connection, Click on ok, you would see this application in the list like below

Now go to SAP Analytics Cloud Connection and Complete the creation of Connection

Click on Create to Create the Connection, it would ask for your consent

Once this Connection would be created, you are good to go with creating Model and Story.

Step 2: Creating Data Model

Go to Create Data Model


Choose SAP Concur and Select Existing Connection from Drop Down

Give Query Name and Select Expense Entries Data Source for building the Analytics chart based on Spend Category

Build the Query with Measure and Dimension Fields

Create the Model and Schedule the Job for fetching Live Data Weekely once, By default it would be Unscheduled.

Step 3: Creating Story 

Click on Create Story

Choose Access and Explore Data and then Select Existing Data Source

Select the Data Model we created in last step

Select the Chart you want to use

Same way need to create another Data Model for Expense Reports and Add into Story. FInal Dashboard looks like this.


I hope you enjoyed this Blog, If you have any question, please let me know in comment section. Meanwhile enjoy playing with SAP Analytics Cloud, Stay healthy, stay safe.




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      Author's profile photo Shailendar ANUGU
      Shailendar ANUGU

      Hi Sudip,

      Nice Blog, you need to make a correction, there is no live connection to Concur yet!! You have connected through Data Acquisition!! Please correct it.




      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Sorry My bad, Thanks for pointing it out. Will be correcting the picture

      Author's profile photo Prashant Pandey
      Prashant Pandey

      Hi Shailendar,

      Hope you are doing will!

      Would you be so kind to share the end-to-end implementation of SAP concur to become a SAP concur configuration consultant? It will be a great help.


      Prashant Pandey

      Author's profile photo Nitin Deshpande
      Nitin Deshpande

      Nice blog Sudip !

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Nitin

      Author's profile photo Rene Malmberg
      Rene Malmberg

      I would like to know how you can extract the VAT amount

      so we can show the ex vat amount

      and have you added more than the default data sources in the connection

      in the playbook there are more connections

      what I have seen is that the connection is contains very few information compared to what is actually in concur

      Author's profile photo Ellora Dobbala
      Ellora Dobbala

      Hello Shailender,

      Nice blog.

      Once you have created the connection, were you able to share the connection to other users or teams? In my case the share button is disabled. I have Admin, BI Admin profiles in SAC.

      any ideas?

      Author's profile photo Juan Carlos Lazaro
      Juan Carlos Lazaro

      Hello Ellora,

      Concur connection cannot be shared with other users. In the case of this type of connection, only the user who creates the connection can see it and create models on top of it.

      Author's profile photo Ellora Dobbala
      Ellora Dobbala

      Hello Juan,

      Thank you for the comment, any visibility on when the share option will be enabled?

      Author's profile photo Juan Carlos Lazaro
      Juan Carlos Lazaro

      Hi Sudip Ghosh you need to remove the pictures where you say Live data connection, this is not right and could confuse people. Please correct it.

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author

      okkk i would replace it

      Author's profile photo Sam Z
      Sam Z

      Dear Sudip


      Thanks for the blog. When the connection is establish, is there a way to modify it in order to add others fields or travel information for example. Thanks a lot