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Curious? Previewing the SAP Enable Now Web Assistant

Hello SAP Enable Now Community!

There is a question that many customers have been asking me once they got going with the SAP Enable Now Web Assistant: “Is there a way to preview the next release?” Short answer – yes! This blog post will take a look at what is currently possible.

Some background information to start with. The Web Assistant release dates are independent of the major SAP Enable Now releases (which happen twice a year, see the release cycle info). Usually we see about one release per month for Web Assistant, but it varies.

You can find the latest release information for the Factory Web Assistant release in the Infocenter. To make it easier for you, we have a section with release links on our main SAP Enable Now community page (scroll down to the expert section).

The Web Assistant uses two landscapes, one is called Canary (preview) and one Factory (production). Each landscape has its own URL.

So if you want to set up a preview of the new Web Assistant features you need to connect your target application to the preview URL of the Web Assistant framework instead of to the standard production URL.

We suggest you use your target application test tenant/system for the preview of Web Assistant instead of the production tenant/system. Because production should be, well, productive, and the whole point of having a sneak peek is so that you know about the new features before your learners or end users do.


SAP Enable Now Web Assistant Preview

Now the only thing you need are the preview URLs. We have an overview in the Infocenter, but I will also list them here. Applications where the Web Assistant is available by default and cannot be configured (like S/4 HANA cloud and similar systems) can unfortunately not switch to the preview URLs easily. Please contact your S/4HANA support to see if this is possible in your case.

For SAP Cloud Platform and SuccessFactors you can use the following URLs:

Release URL:

Preview URL:

For your SAP S/4HANA on-premise system you can use the following URLs:

Release URL:

Preview URL:

Please be aware that the preview is a test release and is also used internally to test the release. It can be updated with fixes and it may contain bugs.

I hope this blog helped you to set up your SAP Enable Now Web Assistant preview and will make it possible to have a look at the awesome new features that are coming with each release!

Please leave your feedback and comments below and like if this blog helped you!

Take care,


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  • And here goes the first comment! Great post, Kristina! Especially, revealing S/4HANA Web Assistant preview URL, as it had been a mistery for so long….

  • What would the parameter be for S/4HANA cloud? (Specifically, I’m thinking about what would need to be added to the URL generated by the Web Assistant Link Generator)? I tried adding help-resourceUrl=… as above, but it declined to show the (?) at all…

    • Hi Dirk,

      since we need to switch the framework server for this, it can only be done in the configuration and not via a parameter. The URL for the preview framework server would be the same as for S/4 HANA on-premise.

      Take care,