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Automatically Setup Workflow Management in SAP Cloud Platform Using Booster

We have released SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management in June this year as part of Digital Process Automation in SAP Cloud Platform Extension Suite. It comprises of workflow, business rules and process visibility capabilities.


One of the challenges that are faced by the users are installation and setup of these different services in cloud platform. It involves standard steps like adding entitlements, assigning quota, creating services instances, creating role collections, assigning these role collections to users etc. Though these steps are standard and can be easily done but as they are manual and have to performed in an order – there are high chances of slip-ups which eventually lead to numerous failures while implementing a use case or working on PoC. It then leads to tedious activities of debugging to find the cause of failures – which could have been avoided if the setup has been done accurately, without mistakes.

Automation is the key. With Booster, we have now fully automated the setup of workflow, business rules and process visibility services in cloud platform, cloud foundry environment.

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With just one-click and few configuration options, you can now easily and effectively setup all the services in your cloud platform account.


This not only improves your experience with setting up these services but also boosts your productivity and gives you quick access to the tools to start working on your project.

This onboarding booster is currently available in cloud foundry trial. This onboarding booster is now available in cloud foundry trial and enterprise accounts.

Follow the tutorial to setup your trial account using this booster. When the booster completes, you will have these setups done in your trial account:




This is a major step towards improving your cloud account installation experience. Go and try this booster to onboard workflow management in your account, and let us know your experience.


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  • Hello Archana Shukla,

    thank you for the great work in area of SCP Workflow Management and included services.

    We have SCP (not trial) with Workflow Management subscription, but I cannot see Booster for it in our global account.

    Am I missing something or is it for support ticket?

    • Hello Vladimir,

      Workflow Management Booster is currently only available in Trial. It is planned to be available in Enterprise accounts in Q4 of this year.

        • dear Archana,

          I wonder if you could help me solve an issue with the Booster on trial.

          I am trying to setup everything in order to take part to a series of hands-on sessions about Intelligent RPA. I have already tried several times to run the Booster, but it always fails when creating instances.

          The error message suggests to try a manual creation, I've tried that too, in 2 ways and I still cannot succeed

          1. If in order to create instances I follow these instructions:, then I get an error at my fist attempt (business-rules instance, see attachment failed manual instance creation 1.png)
          2. If I click on the link in the Booster error message I cannot find the service types I should create instances for (see attachment failed manual instance creation 2.png)

          I understand this is rather specific, but do you have any general advice to give to troubleshoot the booster? thank you!



          PS. I have the impression attach image is not working, apologies and thanks again