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SuccessFactors Report Center – Working with Labels

Report center comes with a wide range of uniform features that can be applied to all Report Types like Table, Tiles, Dashboard, Canvas, and Stories. These features have completely changed the way how the reports were managed before Report Center.

Report Center does not only provide the List view of all the report types but also provides a way to club your reports and create a folder like structures through Labels.

Reports under Report Center are listed in 2 different views:

  • Reports View: Provide a list of all the reports
  • Labels Views: Grouped folder-like structure.

Type of Labels

  • Private Label: A private Label can be created by anyone who has access to Report Center and is visible only to the user who has created the Label.
  • Public Label: A public Label can only be created by Report Admins and is visible to all users who have access to reports with this label.

Who are Report Admins:

If a user has admin permission (given below) for any of the Report Type, he is considered as Report Admin and can create Public Labels.

  • Report – Table Admin: Manage Dashboards / Reports -> Report Admin
  • Report – Story Admin: Manage Dashboards / Reports -> Report – Story Admin
  • Tiles and Dashboard Admin: Manage Dashboards / Reports -> Analytics Tiles and Dashboards
  • Report – Canvas Admin: Analytics Permissions -> Functional Permission -> Report Canvas Designer Admin

Creating New Labels:

Labels can be created via 2 different Navigations:

  • Navigation 1: Click on drop-down menu near Labels view -> Create
  • Navigation 2: Click on 3 dots under Action column of any report -> Label As -> Create


  1. Label Name: Give a Name to your Label.
  2. Public (Only visible to Admins): Check if you want your label to be public.
    • Select the Label color: Select the color for your Public Label
  3. Nest label in: Check and select the label structure you want to nest this in.

Few Points to remember while Naming a Label

  1. A Private label name is unique per user which means one user cannot have two private labels with same name. Two different users can have a Private label with the same name.
  2. A Public label name is unique across the instance which means two different users cannot have a Public label with the same name.
  3. For the same scope, Labels are not case sensitive which means “ABC” and “abc” are considered as one label until the scope of both the labels is same, either public or private.
  4. For different scopes, Labels are case sensitive which means “ABC” and “abc” are considered different if one is of private scope and other public.


Managing Labels:

Click on drop-down menu new Labels view -> Manage

You can create, edit (rename, scope, color, and nesting) and delete labels from the Manage option.

Scope: Change the scope from the public to private or vice versa.

Color:  Change the color of your public label. Private labels are always grey in color.


You can nest label to create a hierarchical structure or folder/sub-folder similar structure in Report Center.


  • Labels created: Label1, Label2, Label3, Label4, Label5
Level Nesting Report 
Level1 Label1 Report1
Level2 Label1/Label2 Report2
Level3 Label1/Label2/ Label3 Report3
Level4 Label1/Label2/ Label3/ Label4 Report4
Level5 Label1/Label2/ Label3/ Label4/ Label5 Report5

Once you associate these labels with reports, the reports will be visible as below in Reports & Labels tab

Reports tab

Labels Tab (before expanding):

Labels Tab (after expanding)

Few Points to remember while nesting labels:

  1. Nested labels must be of the same type. If you make a label public:
    • Its child labels (if any) automatically become public
    • Its link with the parent label (if any) breaks
  1. Nested labels must be of the same type. If you make a label private:
    • Its child labels (if any) automatically become private
    • Its link with the parent label (if any) breaks
  1. You can only nest the same type of labels. The parent and child labels can’t be of different types.
  2. You can’t nest labels beyond 5 levels.


Filter on Labels

You can also put a filter on Labels at the page level so that the Report Center only displays the selected Labels and reports associated with those Labels.


How to achieve a pure hierarchical structure with an empty label.

By default, the labels in a hierarchy with no reports will be merged with the next label with reports however if you want to replace the merged path with hierarchical structure and want your users to have a folder structure where a folder can be empty but its sub-folders have a report. This can be achieved by enabling a switch Show labels in a hierarchical structure under the Manage Report Center

This becomes useful when a label is only designed to hold other sub-labels.

Note: This switch is disabled by default

Admin Center -> Manage Report Center -> Show labels in a hierarchical structure



Level Label Report
Level1 Label1 No Report
Level2 Label1/Label2 Report 1
Level2 Label1/Label2 Report 2


Before enabling switch After enabling switch
Reports view

Reports View

Labels View ( before expanding)

  • Label with no reports within a hierarchy will be in the unexpandable mode.


Labels View ( before expanding)

  • Label with no reports within a hierarchy will be in the expandable mode.

Labels View (after expanding)

Labels View (after expanding)


Other useful links on Report Center Labels:

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      How can I rename actions names button


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